Adam Back Agrees that Bitcoin Is Apolitical and Unseizable Money

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Sharing his thoughts about Bitcoin, Blockstream CEO Adam Back agreed that it's apolitical and unseizable currency. At the Asian Leadership Conference, the CEO of an El Salvador-based Bitcoin trading startup Jan3, Samson Mow said governments can freeze people’s money and they won't be able to do anything.

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He noted the importance of going back to apolitical currency. According to Mow, the best way to go ahead is to just adopt BTC as money like El Salvador. Back agreed with Mow's opinion. He tweeted that CDBCs are control systems and they are worse than bank accounts, cash, stablecoins and much worse than BTC. Central Bank Digital Currencies are issued by governments, which are in full control over them.

Adam Back had supported Bitcoin before. In June, despite the bear market he predicted that the BTC price would hit $100,000 this year.