Goldman Sachs Former CEO Says Crypto Is Happening, Amid the Dip

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Lloyd Blankfein about crypto

Lloyd Blankfein, who served as the senior chairman of Goldman Sachs previously, expressed his views on the crypto sector during a recent talk at Squawk Box.

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Being skeptical about crypto previously, Blankfein said that his views have been evolving. To the question of what his opinion is for the crypto market in the term of 5-years, the banker said he can't predict what would happen, but at the moment he looks at crypto and sees that it's happening. Blankfein finds that it's a big thing to predict the present too.

With this, he means that the industry has grown essentially last year.

Although the market has lost value recently, with a later fall of prices, the point is that there are large amounts of money in the sector and that blockchain technology and crypto offer a number of benefits like instant transfers and less credit risks.

Currently, the entire crypto market cap stands at over $1.6 T. BTC trades at $36.500. In the last 24 hours, the BTC price increased by around 8%.

The Ethereum price also saw some increase after the fall. Currently, Eth trades at around $2.400, with an increase of 7% in the last 24 hours.