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Facebook (FB.CX) News

Facebook sued by Australia

Australian Regulator Sued Meta For Deceptive Crypto Ads


Commonwealth statutory authority, The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission announced suing Facebook parent company Meta for supposedly allowing misleading crypto ads on FB. ACCC claims that the platform is involved in misleading actions by publishing scam ads that feature popular...

Andrew Forrest

Australian billionaire accuses Facebook of crypto fraud


Australian billionaire and Fortescue Metals founder Andrew Forrest is suing Facebook, accusing the social network of crypto fraud. So, the man claims that recently advertising crypto-ads using his name have begun to appear on the social network. According to the billionaire, the fact that these...

facebook bitcoin prices

Bitcoin Trades Above $50.000 for the First Time in a Month


Prices of cryptocurrencies started to recover. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin's price has gone up by over 5.4% surpassing $50.000 for the first time in a month. The coin's market dominance index is 43.10%. Ethereum's price went up by 3.36% in terms of a day. The total market cap of crypto increased...

MicroStrategy CEO

MicroStrategy CEO compares buying BTC to investing in FB


MicroStrategy software company is currently on the list of the largest cryptocurrency holders. Moreover, this giant is investing in bitcoin, despite the periodic collapses of the coin. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor said that buying bitcoin is reminiscent of investing in Facebook stock in the...

Libra plans to launch in January

Libra Plans to Launch in January


Facebook-proposed Libra stablecoin is expected to release in January. As the Financial Times reported, after over a year's examination from international financial supervisors, Libra will launch in the form of a U.S. dollar-backed cryptocurrency. The publication cites three people who took part in...

David Marcus

Libra co-founder will lead Facebook's financial division


Facebook has unveiled a new financial unit called Facebook Financial, which is going to be directed by the co-founder of the Libra blockchain project David Marcus. “Today, we are creating a new group that will monitor everything related to payments / financial services on Facebook,” said...


Facebook Calibra wallet is now called Novi


The Calibra wallet has been renamed Novi and transferred to the management of its subsidiary Facebook - Novi Financial. A Novi Financial's statement said that the name Novi was coined as a fusion of the Latin words “Novus” (“new”) and “via” (“path”), and the visual design of the...

Libra coin

Facebook denies reports about refusing from Libra coin


Facebook does not plan to refuse to launch the stablecoin Libra in favor of a more traditional payment system. The press service of the organization denied a statement circulated by the media. Facebook representatives once again emphasized their commitment to the project: “Libra has not changed...

Libra Association

Facebook plans to modify the Libra to win over regulators


Libra Association partners are weighing reorganizing the project to soften the position of governors. For this, the project's model may be revised in favor of the inclusion of several coins in the network, including those created by central banks. Libra is projected to become a payment network that...

Tagomi cooperation with Libra

Libra Association has a new member - prime broker Tagomi


Tagomi, an American cryptocurrency broker, has joined the Libra Association, the institution responsible for generating the Libra digital currency project from Facebook's largest social network. “We're happy to become a member of Libra and share a common mission to expand financial inclusion. We...

Wissam Al Mana sued facebook

Qatari Billionaire sues Facebook over cryptocurrency scam


Qatari billionaire and former husband of famous American singer Janet Jackson Wissam Al Mana sued Facebook, accusing the social network of not responding in time to advertising a fraudulent cryptocurrency project using his photo. About it writes The Times. The lawsuit was filed with the Dublin High...

Vodafone left Libra

Vodafone left Facebook-founded Libra Association


British telecom Vodafone has become the eight corporation to quit the Libra Association. Both Libra Association and Vodafone affirmed the news on 21 Jan. Vodafone plans to give support earlier proposed for Libra to its well-organized and thriving digital payment service M-Pesa, which the...

Facebook Pay

Facebook presents a new payment system on its social media


Can this be the first step for Libra struggle? Facebook has revealed a new payments system which intends to make online money transfers more manageable. Facebook Pay is going to work across Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, enabling users to send funds to their contacts and friends on...

Zuckerberg during hearings over Libra

How it was: Congress hearings over Libra cryptocurrency


Hearings of Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday lasted six hours and supposed to be over Libra currency, but very soon they converted into a broad indictment of Facebook. Maxine Waters, the committee chairwoman said at the beginning of the hearings that she has studied numerous difficulties that the...

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg says Libra won’t launch until the US approves it


The CEO of Facebook is going to protect the Libra project before a congressional committee on October 23. He states that coin won’t issue until the US government confirms the project. Zuckerberg made remarks before the hearing in the House Financial Services Committee, where he mentions that the...

Facebook Libra

Facebook warns Washington: Beijing will win if Libra fails


Facebook Inc. warns Washington that if the corporation’s plans for launching a cryptocurrency fail, it will be a huge win for China. David Marcus said in an interview that China is going ahead and trying to create a digital payment system with a worldwide reach and, at the same time, the US is...

David Marcus

David Marcus vows to move forward with Libra and add members


David Marcus, who is a chief executive of Libra currency, said he doesn’t think that companies, which have left the project, have a fault. He is optimistic that various other corporations are going to join the project despite the enormous opposition from regulating institutions that are fearing...

Libra forced central banks to reconsider their activities

Libra forced central banks to reconsider their activities


Facebook's digital currency Libra has pushed central banks to reform their work. This was stated by the head of the Bank of Sweden Stefan Ingves, noting that the regulator is exploring the possibility of issuing its digital currency. In a conversation with CNBC, he called Libra “an incredibly...