MicroStrategy CEO compares buying BTC to investing in FB

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MicroStrategy CEO

MicroStrategy software company is currently on the list of the largest cryptocurrency holders. Moreover, this giant is investing in bitcoin, despite the periodic collapses of the coin.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor said that buying bitcoin is reminiscent of investing in Facebook stock in the early days of the social network.

The head of the company admitted that many of his partners are skeptical about Bitcoin. They believe MicroStrategy's management is making a mistake by investing in BTC.

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However, Sailor does not share this point of view. In his opinion, cryptocurrency, on the other hand, has enormous potential. Once upon a time, many investors looked at Amazon, Google, and Facebook with a grain of salt. But time passed, and these small companies became IT giants with multi-billion dollar assets.

MicroStrategy first invested in Bitcoin in August last year. Then she acquired 21,454 BTC for up to $ 250 million. As of the end of July, the company controls 105,085 coins with a total value of $ 2.7 billion.