Vodafone left Facebook-founded Libra Association

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Vodafone left Libra

British telecom Vodafone has become the eight corporation to quit the Libra Association.

Both Libra Association and Vodafone affirmed the news on 21 Jan. Vodafone plans to give support earlier proposed for Libra to its well-organized and thriving digital payment service M-Pesa, which the organization intends to grow beyond the six African lands currently served.

Actually, Vodafone is leaving the association, not because of regulatory concerns, but because the corporation wants to concentrate on its relevant services.

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Previously, PayPal, Visa, eBay, MasterCard, Stripe, Booking Holdings, and Mercado Prego abandoned the organization. Payment systems likely left Libra because of governmental scrutiny.

The Spokesperson of the telecom mentioned they believe they can be more efficient and can support more if they concentrate on M-Pesa currently.

A waitlist of organizations that want to join the association reached 1500. Libra plans to accept some new members in 2020.