Facebook denies reports about refusing from Libra coin

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Libra coin

Facebook does not plan to refuse to launch the stablecoin Libra in favor of a more traditional payment system. The press service of the organization denied a statement circulated by the media.

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Facebook representatives once again emphasized their commitment to the project:

“Libra has not changed its goal of creating a regulatory global payment network. Fundamental principles supporting this goal remain the same.”

At the same time, the new plan of the company is not expected to deviate from the original vision but to expand the functionality of Libra. However, while the updated project is not approved, information on it is not public.

Earlier, there was a report that Libra Association partners are considering the possibility of abandoning the single digital currency Libra and reformatting the project into a payment network to work with different coins, supposedly to soften the position of regulators.