David Marcus vows to move forward with Libra and add members

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David Marcus

David Marcus, who is a chief executive of Libra currency, said he doesn’t think that companies, which have left the project, have a fault. He is optimistic that various other corporations are going to join the project despite the enormous opposition from regulating institutions that are fearing from bringing innovations to life.

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In his interview on Tuesday, Marcus said that he respects those companies, which are feeling responsible for their shareholders, stakeholders and colleagues. He mentioned that they are going to move forward and add more members to Libra.

Facebook suffered when such high-profile names like Mastercard, Visa, PayPal and others left the project’s leading institution - the Libra Association.

Mastercard, Stripe and Visa have received urging letters from the US senators, in which democrats mentioned that these companies should be more attentive and consider the risks before they go into Libra officially.

Talking about these letters, Marcus said: “These type of letters are about the concept of not exploring innovations and consumers all around the world are suffering from the old financial model we have today.”

The project representatives announced that there’re more than 1500 organisations, which are willing to join the project. But as Facebook representatives mentioned before, the project won’t launch until the regulating institutions accept it.