Android in Europe Adds Decentralized Search Engine Presearch

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Presearch in Europe

Blockchain-powered decentralized search engine and a token ecosystem Presearch is now available for Android devices across Europe as an alternative option. On September 1, Google listed the browser.

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The majority of smartphone owners in Europe, around 70% use Android. Thus, the blockchain-based alternative to Google gets more opportunities to grow its user base. Currently, the number of registered users of Presearch is 2.2 mln. On average there are 1.3 mln searches carried out through the engine every day.

Presearch was founded in 2017 by US-based multi-strategy blockchain and crypto fund Alpha Sigma Capital. It gives rewards in the platform's native token PRE those who carry out searches through the platform.

Google's move came after the European Commission started an investigation to find out if the tech giant used Android to keep dominating in the online advertisement services. Previously, in March 2019, the EC fined Google €1.49 B for breaking EU antitrust rules by forcing limiting rules to prevent competitors from putting search ads on third party platforms.

In 2019 Google stated it will enable competitors' operations on Android devices.