Dapper Labs Revealed a Cooperation with Google

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Dapper Labs Google Flow

Vancouver-based blockchain and software development enterprise Dapper Labs revealed cooperating with Google to scale the Flow protocol. As stated in the press release, Google will allow the network nodes to carry out building on its cloud service.

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Dapper stands behind the development of Crypto Kitties, and other NFT platforms.

Janet Kennedy, the VP of North America Google Cloud, indicated that the cooperation will help developers pick the locations that fuel their works.

She added this would help blockchain protocols to speed up their evolution. Kennedy pointed out that with the increasing adoption of the blockchain technology, enterprises such as Dapper Labs require scalable solutions.

The Chief Executive Officer at Flow, Roham Gharegozlou noted that node runners can leverage any gear solutions, among them Amazon Web Services. Gharegozlou says this way Google streamlines the course to make it simpler for Flow engineers to use its system.

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Established in 2018, Dapper Labs is one of the record-breaking blockchain firms. Currently, it's valued at over $7.5 B. The company released Flow network and its native token in 2020. Currently, FLOW token ranks 85 by market cap, which stands at over $1.2 billion. Currently, the token trades at around $22.3. The token reached its all-time high of $46.16 on April 5, 2021.