Alethea AI Attracted $16 M to Build Intelligent NFTs

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Alethea AI intelligent NFTs

Alethea AI Attracted $16 M to Build Intelligent NFTs

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A startup from Singapore, decentralized protocol Alethea AI, which enables the creation of intelligent NFTs (iNFTs) announced raising $16 M via a private token sale.

American businessman, the owner of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban also backed the project. The sale was led by Metapurse and Capital.

Among other investors were Multicoin, Alameda Research, Dapper Labs, Galaxy Interactive, Gemini Frontier Fund, IDEO CoLab, Whitestar Capital, CMS Holdings, and others. Alethea AI is building an AI space for NFTs and metaverse, which is a virtual reality environment where people can interact like in the case of the popular game "the Matrix".

The company uses Open AI Foundation’s GPT-3 technology to provide an environment for building iNFTs. Arif Khan, the CEO of the firm, stated in the [blog post]( that the protocol provides tools to create iNFTs, build communities and intellectual property around loved characters, and allow access to powerful Synthetic Media.

In June, the first intelligent NFT Alice created by Robert Alice was presented on the private sales and auctions platform Sotheby's.

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She can hold conversations with people. The NFT was sold for around half a million dollars.