Ethereum Interface Geth Discoveres a Chain Split

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Geth bug chain split

Ethereum is dealing with a chain split as a percentage of validators failed to upgrade their software after the found bug in the earlier versions of Ethereum interface Go Ethereum (Geth).

A few days ago, on August 24, the team running the commonly used Ether interface layer Geth announced a flaw in the code.

Geth is a command line implemented in Go languages that allows different operations such as Ether transactions and mining. The interface is used by around 75% of the network nodes as reports.

It was mentioned that the bug could result in a node losing control over chain processing. Certain users couldn't produce blocks. The discovered bug influenced older versions of Geth, particularly v1.10.7 and prior. That is about 54% of the Ether nodes. This caused a network split as 54% are now inputting data to a separate chain.

To solve the issue, Ethereum nodes of the old Geth versions are required to do software updates.

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As Ethernodes informs the majority of miners have already done so. The split of nodes doesn't seem to have significant impacts yet.

Yearn Finance founder Andre Cronje referred to the split via a tweet advising users not to do transaction hashes until they are sure they are submitting to the latest Geth version.

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Geth faced splitting issues previously. In November 2020, a bug was released and caused a temporary chain split on Ethereum. That led to a consensus failure.