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Yearn.Finance & Sushi merge

Yearn Finance Merges with SushiSwap


DeFi platform Yearn.Finance has informed about another merger, this one with SushiSwap, a fork of decentralized exchange Uniswap. The deal suggests joining the two protocols' resources as well as their TVL. According to DeFi Pulse, the present TVL of Yearn is around $455 M and SushiSwap's TVL is...

Dafabet using COTI's technology

COTI Network Works with Dafabet


The leading online gambling company Dafabet builds a partnership with COTI in order to optimize digital currency implementation. This is important news for COTI as the platform seeks to develop its network for crypto transfers and in these terms, its interests coincide with the gaming industry,...

Pizza Hut enables BTC payments in Venezuela

Pizza Hut enables BTC payments in Venezuela


On Nov 27, 2020, Pizza Hut announced that customers can pay for their services with digital currency. Never before had the popular pizza place accepted any kind of cryptocurrency. This became possible due to a collaboration with the Latin American crypto trading platform, Crypto Buyer. The company...

Curve votes 11.28.2020

Curve to Hand $3M in Fees to Governance Token Owners


DeFi project Curve Finance voted to issue about $3 M in collected fees to the protocol's governance token owners. The decision was made on Friday after a week-lasted voting course considering the issue of managing fees. In three days the network will direct some $2,631,601.92 amount of pays to user...

Beam to build confidential defi

Chainlink-Powered Beam to Build Confidential DeFi


The most recent crypto-asset scheme using Chainlink’s oracle solution became Mimblewimble-based privacy coin Beam. Beam is a confidential and scalable stablecoin which ERC-20 bridge uses Chainlink’s oracle supply structure. Beam supported confidential tokens back in June during the EE 5.0...


IOTA Cooperates with Pantos for R&D Lab


IOTA builds a partnership with Pantos to develop blockchain and distributed ledger technology within the framework of a new research institution aimed to innovate the two structures. On November 26, authorities informed that the multi-blockchain asset protocol Pantos and IOTA, along with...

Libra plans to launch in January

Libra Plans to Launch in January


Facebook-proposed Libra stablecoin is expected to release in January. As the Financial Times reported, after over a year's examination from international financial supervisors, Libra will launch in the form of a U.S. dollar-backed cryptocurrency. The publication cites three people who took part in...

BTC price 26.11.2020

BTC Price Hits $17.075 Lows Losing $1000 in 3 Hours


Following the price growth up to $19,500 during the day’s trading, Bitcoin saw a period of bearish uncertainty that resulted in a sharp sell-off. Bitcoin then rated $17,075 with daily losses of around 5%. The sudden price drop came in tandem with large-volume investors depositing BTC to exchanges...

Justin Sun about Tron voting requests

Voting Requests of TRON Network were Approved


The creator of the protocol TRON Justin Sun highlighted the fact that the TRON network is still the lowest-cost public chain. He also said that with the efforts of all communities the network will achieve much progress. TRON is a decentralized system that was created to help guide the...

Yearn Finance Pickle Jars partnership

Yearn Finance and Pickle are Collaborating


DeFi protocol Yearn Finance cooperates with Pickle to support yield farming and repay sufferers of the lately occurred Pickle attack as a result of which $20 M worth of Dai was lost. The creator of Yearn Andre Cronje explained that the partnership aims to lessen duplicate work, improve trades, and...

Coinbase disables margin trading

Coinbase Stops Margin Trading because of Regulatory Issues


U.S.-based crypto trading platform Coinbase Pro informed today that clients can't do margin trading on the protocol anymore. Margin trading is the case when an investor borrows capital from an intermediary to make deals for more than they actually own. Chief Legal Officer Paul Grewal announced...

BTC Price 24.11.2020

Bitcoin Price Surged $19.000


Justifying the expectations of the community, BTC today scored $19000 for the first time since mid-December 2017. Since November 18, it has been trading for about $18.700, sometimes felling lower than $18.000 then going up again. At the time of writing the price is about...

InsurAce Defi

InsurAce’s New 'DeFi Insurance' Protects Users From Attacks


Singapore-based InsurAce surged $1 million in a seed round led by Arthur Cheong of DeFiance Capital. The number of DeFi hacks is growing noticeably, especially now that DeFi’s Total Valued Locked hits new records this year. According to Ciphertrace, hackers have targeted $100 million since...

YF LInk price doubled

YF Link Token Price Grows Twice before AMM Launch


As the big launch of Linkswap automated market maker gets closer, the rate of the YFL governance asset grew twice. At first sight, it seems that the token is aiming to repeat the success of Yearn Finance’s YFI token as generally DeFi governance tokens don't lose their popularity. The YF Link...

TraceHarvest is launched

Ethereum-powered "TraceHsarvest" Project is Launched


BlockApps present an Ethereum-powered network with Bayer. The main goal of the project is to observe the process of farm products cycling including a major pharmaceutical firm among its clients. On Nov 18, blockchain as a Service company BlockApps introduced a blockchain-powered country yield...

Outstanding loans value

The Value of Outstanding Crypto Loans in Defi is $3 B


Outstanding crypto loans in DeFi protocols have now surpassed $3 billion. On Aave, Compound, and MakerDAO, there is over $3 B of outstanding loans, $98.8 M of which was borrowed last week. These lending protocols are not like usual crypto loans firms. They’re networks, decentralized such that no...

Bitcoin retirenment plan

US-based Firm to Launch BTC Retirement Plans


US-based asset management establishment DAiM lately informed about launching the country’s first employer-provided retirement programs that maintain BTC fundings. As reported by the officials, DAiM will act as the advisor and depositary in supporting firms to build a 401(k) program that suggests...

Reef Finance and Kava partnership

Reef Finance and Kava Working Together on Polkadot


Reef Finance, one of the most popular DeFi projects running on Polkadot, has informed about a collaboration with Kava. They are aiming to bring cross-chain DeFi to Polkadot. The union of the two platforms seems to be promising as Reef is a permission-less smart liquidity aggregator and yield...

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