Musk and CZ Got Into an Argument Over the Dogecoin Issue

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CZ Elon Musk argue over Dogecoin

Tesla CEO Elon Musk commented on the recent situation connected with his favourite cryptocurrency Dogecoin and Binance.

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For the record, on Nov. 11, a leading crypto exchange Binance, which CEO is Changpeng Zhao, froze Dogecoin withdrawals temporarily because of a technical issue that appeared as a result of the version update.

Today, Binance tweeted about the problem saying that the upgrade process made old transactions go to 1.674 users, asking users who received funds to send them back. The company explained that the issue happened only on Binance as there are different technical wallets set up for DOGE.

At the same time, the Dogecoin development team provided clarification saying that the issue happened because Binance had stuck transactions a year ago. The reason was insufficient fees.

Those transactions were relayed successfully after the update.

Tesla CEO is troubled with the situation. Commenting on news from CoinDesk about the CZ's announcements connected with regulations, Musk mentioned CZ asking what's going on with Dogecoin. The Dogefather called the situation "shady".

CZ responded saying the situation is frustrating and Binance has been working on it. The argument continued. CZ said the exchange team is in communication with the devs, asking for Musk's apologies with irony. Also, the Binance CEO shared an article from the Guardian telling that a Tesla glitch prompts safety recall for around 12.000 US vehicles.

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CZ wondered what happened there.