Cardano Block Size to Become 12.5% Larger

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Cardano block size and Plutus script memory

In September, Cardano launched the Plutus smart contract platform, making smart contracts available on its network. The blockchain protocol presents new improvements.

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Input Output (IOHK), the company, standing behind the development of Cardano, revealed that the scaling process of the protocol has started. In the blog post published by IOHK, the team presented two initial changes; block size increase (by 12.5%) and Plutus script memory increase (also by 12.5%). The testnet launch is planned for November 25. Supposedly, the mainnet launch will take place on December 1.

A larger block size will support more transactions in a single block, thus boosting the speed. The entire block size will become from 8KB to 72KB.

Larger Plutus script memory will allow decentralized application developers to build more complex solutions by processing more data items.

The company says they will make further adjustments gradually as the team has adopted a steady and step-by-step upgrade method. In 2021, Cardano made significant progress. The number of Cardano wallets in use currently is over 2 million.Traffic has increased by 20X in a year. Compared to 10.000 daily transactions last November, now there are 200.000 transactions processed in a day.