Cardano-based DEX Ardana Teams up With Near Protocol

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Ardana Near Cardano

Today, November 23, Cardano’s stablecoin platform Ardana revealed a cooperation with the dapps environment NEAR. Thus, Ardana will serve to link the systems, allowing operations between them.

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Future plans include support for multichain smart contract functions. Ardana has two tokens; the gocernance token DANA and dUSD, The latter is a stable coin pegged to the US dollar and released as Cardano’s native asset.

Per the post, published by Ardana, the company's CEO Ryan Matovu said that the platform becomes one step closer to its goal to build integrations amongst various ecosystems.

Commenting on the cooperation, NEAR Foundation CEO Erik Trautman said that NEAR's vision is a multichain world with seamless data exchanges. Trautman says Ardana will help to realize it.

Ardana is designed to bring DeFi tools to Cardano, enabling users to provide collateral and borrow stablecoins easily. Soon, Ardana will release Danaswap, an AMM for multi-asset pool, swapping and yield farming.