Azuro CEO Paruyr Shahbazyan Talked About the Project

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Paruyr Shahbazyan Azuro

In a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything), the CEO of decentralized betting protocol Azuro, Paruyr Shahbazyan and the CMO Rossen Yordanov answered questions of users about blockchain and the gaming sector.

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To the question of what was the reason for creating the platform, Shahbazyan said that as a pro-better he had disagreements with bookmakers and came up to the idea of creating the website Bookmaker-Ratings. The businessman founded the firm in 2012. Bookmaker-Ratings is an international analytical website, where users can find details on betting and assign ratings. It's one of the most popular sports betting portals in Eastern Europe.

In 2021, the innovator co-founded Azuro to provide users with zero trust gambling options due to smart contracts. Azuro is built on top of Ethereum and is written in Solidity. The team plans to add more betting options in the future and also considers supporting more chains and managing a token sale.

One of the specialities of Azuro is that each bet placed on the platform will be mintable as an NFTs. Using NFTs betters can cash out their bets or trade them as collectables.

Some bets may have value as collectables representing special moments in sports history.

Currently, Azuro is in a testnet phase. For now, users can test their tokens and win bonuses. The blockchain gaming industry continues to grow and many assume it will actually replace previous betting ways in the future.