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SkyBridge BTC funds

SkyBridge Capital Has Put $182 M in BTC


New York-based global investment enterprise SkyBridge, which owns $9.3 B worth of capital, intends to launch a Bitcoin fund on January 4. The organization submitted papers to the Securities and Exchange Commission on December 21. As mentioned in an investor brochure, the total sum of SkyBridge's...


Indian regulator proposes 18% tax on bitcoin trading


The Central Bureau of Economic Intelligence of India (CEIB) is proposing an 18% tax on crypto trading. The agency classifies BTC as an "intangible asset". That is a Goods and Services Tax (GST). The government is currently considering a suggestion that would levy a tax on every bitcoin...

BTC mining new high

Bitcoin Miner Profits Reaching a New High


BTC miner profits measured by terahash in a second (TH/s) has surged to a new high. TH (tera, 1 trillion) is one of the Bitcoin hash rate units. And hashrate is a scale of the computational power per second used during mining. Simply putting, it is the speed of the mining process. The latest...


Large darknet market stopped accepting payments in BTC


The darknet marketplace White House Market stopped supporting the leading cryptocurrency and began to accept payments only in Monero (XMR). The reason for the decision was "unexpected blocking of access from the Tor network." It was influenced by a change in the API of the MorphToken...

XRP suspended on OKCoin and Coinbase

Coinbase and OKCoin Suspend XRP Activities


The case of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission against Ripple continues to have negative impacts on the company. The number of firms terminating XRP purchases is increasing. A few days ago cryptocurrency exchange platform Bitstamp announced halting XRP purchases for an indefinite time....

BTC pass $28000

BTC Price Keeps Rising. Will it Reach $30.000?


Bitcoin gets closer and closer to $30.000. Today, on Dec. 28, it reached another all-time high surpassing $28000. Its market cap is above $524 B. This means the BTC price increased around $4000 within two days and 20% during the last week. The growth of the BTC price started in October when the...


Taproot update support reaches 91% of total bitcoin hashrate


After the Binance mining pool announced its readiness to support the Taproot technology, 91.5% of the total computing power of the bitcoin network signals in favor of the upgrade. That was announced on Twitter on Sunday, December 27, by Poolin Vice President Alejandro De La Torre. According to...


Crypto owners are obliged to reveal their assets in Israel


The Israel Tax Authority (ITA) has required crypto owners to reveal their assets and profits. According to the newspaper, dozens of Israelis got notifications from the ITA. The department also sent requests to local and foreign crypto exchanges with the requirement to transfer information about the...

Ethereum hits $711

Ethereum Goes Up by 13%, Reaching $711


Ethereum price has hit $711, which is the highest rate since May 2018. The cryptocurrency's market cap has surged $79.8 B. This follows after Bitcoin's rally, the price of which has already surpassed $28000. Many analysts assume that the Eth price will go much higher in 2021 and the coming year...


Major players continue to accumulate bitcoins


Large investors continue to accumulate BTCs, as evidenced by the latest report from digital asset management company Grayscale. Last Friday, this giant published data, from which it follows that the total amount of funds in the cryptocurrency under its control has reached $ 16.3 billion. Analyst...

Nouriel Roubini

Nouriel Roubini believes Biden will crush the cryptosphere


While billionaire Mike Novogratz expects the new White House administration to be Bitcoin-friendly, economist Nouriel Roubini, by contrast, believes Joe Biden will hit the cryptosphere. In his opinion, the new team will be tougher on digital currency than the administration of the still incumbent...

Bitstamp and XRP

Bitstamp to Suspend XRP Trading for US Customers


Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange platform Bitstamp announced stopping XRP transactions for an indefinite time. The company tweeted, informing users that such a decision was made because of the SEC's lawsuit against Ripple. US customers will not be able to trade and deposit XRP from January...

BTC $25000

BTC Price Reaches $25000


After hitting $24,000 about a week ago, now Bitcoin makes another record, surging $25000. Community members celebrated the event. Many Bitcoiners were waiting for the new heights as recent months have been pretty bullish for the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin proved itself to be resilient to...

XRP price surges 12.25.2020

XRP is up 50%. Did Changes in the SEC Cause This?


On December 24, authorities announced that the US Securities and Exchange Commission has a new chairman. Elad Roisman will replace Jay Clayton. Meanwhile, XRP saw price growth. Are these two events connected? Well, Roisman considered being a possible ally for the crypto industry. The new chairman...


Bitcoin dominance index rises to annual high


The run of the crypto market in November-December 2020 led to a sharp increase in the bitcoin dominance index. This figure rose to the highest level since the end of last year and is close to 70%. The rise in BTC dominance has occurred not only as a result of a rally in the crypto market over the...


EPayments CEO left its position


The ePayments payment system announced the departure of Mike Rymanov from the post of the company's CEO. We are fast approaching the end of 2020. Please visit our blog to read the latest news.— ePayments (@myepayments) December 24, 2020 The position of the interim CEO...


Binance closes South Korea division


Binance crypto exchange announced the closure of the Binance Korea division for users from South Korea. Binance Korea's December 24 post said the closure was due to low transaction volumes. The platform is shutting down just eight months after launching in April 2020. Binance's Korean subsidiary...


PayPal refused to acquire crypto custodian BitGo


PayPal has refused to acquire crypto custody company BitGo. In October, there were reports that PayPal was in talks with BitGo for purchase, but the payment company was considering other options. BitGo, according to CEO Mike Belsh, has "been in talks with everyone for years." The...

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