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Ethereum (ETH) News

Ethereum appeared and made another revolution in the crypto world. Offering innovations by using smart contracts differently, the platform created great opportunities for customers.

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Todd Morley

Guggenheim co-founder calls Ether more useful than Bitcoin


The second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization is much more useful than bitcoin thanks to the presence of smart contracts, said Todd Morley, co-founder of Guggenheim Partners and head of the Overline blockchain project. Another distinguishing feature of Ethereum, Morley called the...


The number of large ETH holders rises to highest since 2018


Santiment data shows that the whales have taken advantage of the drop in ether to buy cryptocurrency at comfortable prices. The number of wallets. containing more than $ 100,000 of ETH rose to its highest level since January 2018. Whales have intensified amid falling altcoin prices from $ 4,358 to...


Traders withdraw ether from exchanges even amid market fall


Along with bitcoin, the largest altcoin ether (ETH) also suffers losses this week. The coin on the night of Thursday, May 20, fell in price to $ 2,571. ETH was last traded at this level on April 22 of this year. Cryptocurrency capitalization decreased over the day by almost 25% to $ 295.867...

Arthur Hayes

Arthur Hayes doesn't exclude that ETH can bypass BTC


According to the former head of the BitMex exchange Arthur Hayes, ether (ETH) may in the future become the largest digital currency. So far, however, the probability of such a scenario is only 30%. The odds are slim, but they continue to grow, Hayes wrote on the BitMex blog. The gigantic potential...


For the first time since March ETH closes week in the red


The largest altcoin ether (ETH) retreats at the end of the week amid profit taking by large traders. The ETH rate on Sunday, May 16, fell to $ 3800, the cryptocurrency capitalization fell to $ 439.933 billion. For the first time since the end of March, the broadcast ends the week with a pullback,...


Ethereum-exchange NiiFi attracted $3 million in investments


NiiFi, based on the second level Ethereum solution Nahmii 2.0, raised $ 3 million. The seed round of financing was led by the DARMA Capital fund launched by ex-ConsenSys employees. The round was also attended by A195 Capital, AU21 Capital, Blocksync Ventures, Lotus Capital, Matterblock, Moonwhale...

Ethereum $4360

Ether Reaches Another All-Time High Surging over $4360


Over the previous 7 days, the price of Ether saw over 31% increase. Today it set another all-time high surpassing $4360. The token's market dominance index is 19.84% and its market cap went up to $500 billion. That is larger than the market cap of Visa (480,90 B) and JP Morgan Chase (479.92 B). ...

Ethereum $4.100

Ether Reached Another All-Time High of $4000


The native token of the Ethereum environment Ether reached another all-time high surpassing $4.130. Ether's price has seen a 28.86% increase during the previous 7 days. Currently, its market dominance index stands at around 19% and its market cap is over $475.6 billion. The development of the...

VanEck Ethereum ETF

VanEck Applies for Ether ETF


On May 7, New York-based investment manager VanEck has applied for Ethereum ETF with the SEC. Earlier, at the end of 2020, the firm filed for Bitcoin ETF. The SEC hasn't approved it or any other BTC exchange-traded fund applications yet. As with the case of VanEck's Bitcoin ETF, for Ethereum ETF...


Luxury condominium in Miami began selling apartments for BTC


Arte Surfside condominium boutique has opened the sale of apartments in Miami for BTC and Ethereum as part of a partnership with the SolidBlock trading platform. According to the press release, the cost of the apartments starts at $10.3 M or the equivalent in crypto. Arte explained the decision to...

S&P Dow Jones Ether BTC

S&P Dow Jones Indices Issued BTC and Ether Indexes


Widely followed American stock market S&P Dow Jones presented indexes of BTC and Ether. The entity first disclosed the intention in December 2020. The initial plan was to launch indices for the leading 550 most exchanged crypto coins and tokens. Released S&P Bitcoin Index (SPBTC) and...

Chainlink Ether highs

Chainlink and Ether Hit New All-Time Highs


Chainlink (LINK) and Ethereum (Ether) have set new all-time highs: over $51 and $3500 correspondingly. The price of the blockchain oracles network Chainlink's native token has seen over a 38% price increase during the previous 7 days and hit a record high of $51. It ranks 11th in terms of the...

Ether $3480

Ether Sets a New All-Time High of Over $3480


Ethereum keeps surging. The price of the token surpassed $3480. Its market dominance index is 17.5% currently. The demand for the token is pretty high. On April 27 the European Investment Bank in cooperation with Goldman Sachs, Santander, and Societe Generale launched a digital bond on a public...

Vitalik Buterin

The growth of ether has enriched Vitalik Buterin


The largest altcoin ether (ETH) is trading at $ 3178 on Monday, May 3. Crypto capitalization per day increased by 8.55% to $ 367.373 billion. The rise in the cost of ether led to the fact that one of the leaders of the Ethereum development team, Vitalik Buterin, became the most youthful billionaire...

Ether $3.100

Ether Hits New All-Time High Surpassing $3100


Gaining over 26% over the previous 7 days, the price of Ethereum crossed $3000 for the first time on Sunday evening. Then the token surged over $3.100. Currently, Ether's market cap stands at above $360.9 B. There is a high demand for the cryptocurrency. Many major institutions all over the world...


ETH has surpassed platinum in terms of capitalization


Ether (ETH) is showing explosive growth this week. In terms of capitalization, ETH has already surpassed platinum. Now the value of the entire ether has reached $320 billion. The capitalization of platinum is now about $304 billion. Since 1900, 250 million troy ounces of this precious metal have...

Wisdom tree ETP

Stock Markets SIX and Borse Xetra to Trade Ether ETP


US-based Wisdom Tree Asset Management launches an Ethereum-based ETP on the Swiss stock market SIX and German Borse Xetra. The product enables investors' exposure to Eth without the necessity to own the asset in a direct way or to work with the blockchain framework. So, it makes the investing...

Ethereum performance

Ether Surpassed $2.700. The Blockchain Hits New Records


The price of Ethereum reached a new all-time high surging over $2.730. Its market cap went up to $314.1 B. Ethereum ecosystem keeps growing and getting ways to solve scalability problems. Recently the launch of the Berlin hard fork took place. The upgrade London is scheduled to release on July 14....