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Crypto derivatives: make money using them


What are derivatives? A derivative is an economic agreement about the future price of a cryptocurrency, security, product, or service. The subject of such a contract is called the underlying asset. Sellers and buyers of derivatives do not own the underlying assets but sell and buy the right to...

What is Solana?

What Is Solana and How Does It Work?


The name Solana is inspired by the coastal beach in California, the state where Solana Labs is located. Created in 2017, Solana is a blockchain that offers fast, secure, and scalable crypto activities. The platform's team includes previous technologists from Qualcomm, Intel, Netscape, and Google....


How to issue your cryptocurrency (token)?


Can anyone own a cryptocurrency? Yes, but there are different scenarios, the first one is creating a new blockchain. This is the most difficult path; you should choose it only if you have a unique idea, solid funds, a strong development team, and time. The launch and development of a cryptocurrency...

Dogecoin explained

What Is Dogecoin? The Doge That Everybody Talks About


Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrency inspired by a famous internet meme. Its logo represents an illustration of a Shiba Inu dog breed. The cryptocurrency was created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer in December 2013 and was forked from Luckycoin, which itself is Litecoin's fork. Initially,...


How to start trading cryptocurrencies


Having bought your first bitcoins, you can exchange them for other tokens on any cryptocurrency exchange. You may be lucky in making a profit as soon as possible. You don't need to be an expert to start trading cryptocurrencies, but you need to take the first steps, and many people want to know how...

crypto wallets and exchanges

Crypto Wallets and Exchanges: Their Origins and Difference


The space of blockchain and cryptocurrencies offers various tools to manage user activities. Among the most essential ones are crypto wallets and exchanges. Are they both necessary and what is the difference between them? What is a cryptocurrency...

Chainlink explained

A Guide to Chainlink


Chainlink is a blockchain-powered decentralized platform that employs third-party tools named oracles to get data from other sources. The network was founded in June 2017 by the non-profit company SmartContract with the leadership of Steve Ellis and Sergey Nazarov. In September 2017 the firm held...

Bull and bear markets explained

What Are Bull and Bear Markets?


Bull and Bear markets are financial terms that describe the trends and conditions of the market at a particular period of time. A bull market means that the price of the stocks is rising in terms of a longer period. A bear market is just the opposite. There is a price decrease in the market for a...


7 directions of blockchain adoption in China


Investors hungry for signals of mass adoption should look at China and the blockchain-related new venture epidemic. There is no sign that China's recent blockchain gold rush is waning. New ventures sprung up almost overnight after business leaders and investors seized on President Xi Jinping's...

Bitcoin ETFs explained

What Are Bitcoin ETFs? Which Countries Have Approved Them?


In 2021 first Bitcoin ETFs got validated. The interest in these products keeps rising. They are exchange-traded funds that follow the value of BTC and the trading process is held on traditional markets in the place of cryptocurrency exchanges. So, BTC exchange-traded funds enable investing in the...

about IDOs

What is IDO? How It Is Different From Other Crypto Fundings?


IDO (Initial DEX Offering) also known as Initial DeFi Offering is a type of fundraising managed on decentralized liquidity exchanges like UniSwap, Balancer, 1INCH, and others. This makes it different from other methods of crypto fundings (ICO, STO, IPO, IEO). Trading on decentralized liquidity...

USA vs Crypto

Six times, when US interfered in the crypto industry in 2020


In 2020, brave American regulators have got closer to the crypto industry than ever before. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies has grown, services that have a direct responsibility to preserve the integrity of the existing financial system have continuously worked to prevent cryptocurrency...


7 countries that do not tax bitcoin profits


There is no unified crypto taxation system. Some countries are more liberal than others. Here's our list of eight of the most crypto-friendly tax authorizations....

Cardano guide

What Is Cardano? What Are the Features Making It Special?


Cardano is a blockchain protocol fueled by the Proof of Stake mechanism. It allows managing nodes, developing smart contracts, and dApps. Cardano is the primary blockchain based on peer-review and academic approaches. This suggested instead of creating a white paper make certain that specialists...

Bitcoin tokenization

What Is Bitcoin Tokenization and How to Use It?


The goal of Bitcoin tokenization is to allow its movement to other networks. Note that the coins and tokens are not the same. Coins are native to their own blockchain and most often serve as money. On the other hand, tokens are cryptocurrencies of broader smart contracts platforms like Ethereum...


All about top bitcoin investors and their crypto portfolios


Most of us are trying to be smarter in questions of investments. We are looking for example models or advice to understand, how it will be better to make investment decisions and what projects really worth our attention. Today let's talk about the greatest known bitcoin and blockchain assets'...


What are APIs and how are they used in crypto trading?


Let's find out what APIs are and what role they play in cryptocurrency trading. What is API? An API is an application programming interface that helps applications communicate with each other. In everyday life, we regularly use APIs, but we do not always realize that we are dealing with...

Cross-border payments in crypto

Cross-Border Transfers in Crypto. What Are the Benefits?


A little history With regard to understanding the concept of crypto cross-border payments, it is necessary to know what are cross border transactions at all. This type of transaction appeared to help people complete financial operations from a distance, meaning that the sender and receiver are in...

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