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Blockchain. What is it and what it will bring

Blockchain. What is it and what it will bring


Introduction to blockchain In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto (still unknown it is one person or a group of people) introduced the concept of the blockchain, which in 2009 was implemented through Bitcoin - the first cryptocurrency. The blockchain is a chain of blocks, an endless list in which information...

Now, when there is an information glut in the world and everything is developing at a very fast pace, the role of a platform, where you can get reliable information on some specific topic, is very important. Since the blockchain technology, and related terms like cryptocurrency, ICO, and many others are rather difficult and new phenomena, it is not such a simple thing to find distinct explanatory content related to these topics. That's why on there is a Cryptopedia category. Here you can find answers to all the questions that have accumulated on the blockchain topic, understand all the processes associated with the Token Sales and much more.

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