The Greatest Worldwide Stories Found Their Way to Crypto

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Olympus Token

Anybody can tell or write a story, but not every story survives the passing of time. The greatest tales of all time are the ones with powerful intrigues and challenges. They can inspire people for thousands of years, no matter the domain they activate.

Crypto is not an exception. In this article, we will take a look at two innovative decentralized projects that were enchanted by these kinds of plots:

  • Olympus Token
  • Utopia P2P Ecosystem

The Olympus Token

There’s nothing more widely known than Greek Mythology. With all the mighty Gods, fascinating creatures, and captivating love stories, it’s not even surprising.

The Greek Mythology tales were always bold and vivacious. Especially when it comes to the impulsive nature of Zeus and his brothers. Such a strong presence couldn’t be ignored forever by the crypto community. And now we have the Olympus Token.

What sets the Olympus Token apart from other cryptocurrencies is the way it distributes the total token supply and features:

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Zeus is the main character here, the one with the buy-back power. He owns 4% of every transaction used to fund this feature. Poseidon rules the liquidity pool and owns 4% of each trade. But he also needs to pay tributes to his brother, so if the liquidity fund exceeds 25%, the surplus goes to Zeus.

Plutus assures the users’ wealth and converts 4% of every transaction to BUSD, completing the buy-back cycle. To get the love of the Gods, you need to give them the divine favor - a 2% fee, which will be invested in further project development.

And, of course, Hades will reveal his dominance by doubling the sales fees for every buyback in the first 30 minutes. With such a captivating debut, it’s no wonder why the project reached over 6,000 token holders in less than a month.

The Utopia P2P System

Utopia is a fictional concept that describes the perfect world, where citizens are independent and free. It was portrayed in more than 20 movies and 50 books, but the most known interpretation is the one of George Orwell, in his book “1984”. He imagined 1984 as the opposite of a Utopian society - with technologies and media stealing any kind of privacy and control over our life. Which didn’t turn out as false; we are now controlled by the Big Tech. Inspired by the story’s realism, a group of developers decided to create their own Utopia, saving the world from The Four using decentralized technology.

This Utopia is a complete private P2P Ecosystem, where you can use the Internet without letting anyone know how you use it. The platform offer:

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  • Mining options;
  • A crypto wallet;
  • A full online network;
  • An email app;
  • An online chat; Multiplayer games.

Users’ data isn’t stored anywhere on this ecosystem. A cutting-edge design choice that can massively change our future for the better.


Crypto is constantly inspired by stories and vice-versa, especially since NFTs put so many artistic voices into the spotlight.

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Today, everyone can feel like Harry Potter owning Mimblewimble tokens, for example. Things also go the other way around. Marvel just announced that by the end of 2022, it will launch its official NFTs dedicated to characters like Wolverine, Spiderman, Iron Man, and Captain America.

What other crypto projects go hand in hand with your favorite stories? It’s up to you to discover them further. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments what you found!