O'Leary: Buffett and Munger Don't Realize the Benefits of BTC and Blockchain

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Kevin O'Leary

Financiers Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger fail to grasp the real potential of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. BTC is a brand new technology designed to revolutionize the global financial system, said popular TV presenter Kevin O'Leary.

Recall that Buffett and Munger periodically criticize the largest digital currency.

Moreover, 98-year-old Charlie Munger recently generally called the cryptosphere an “open sewer”.

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However, Kevin O'Leary takes a different view. In his opinion, the "crypto winter" in which the market found itself will soon end.

A new stage in the development of the industry will begin. It will be accompanied by a large-scale entry of institutional capital into digital assets. The TV presenter also pointed to the huge potential of blockchain technology.

"Crypto winter" is forcing alarmists and "random passengers" to leave the industry. It clears the market, makes it more mature, and creates the conditions for the legalization of cryptocurrency and its mass adoption, Kevin O'Leary emphasized.