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China blockchain health

Blockchain Helps Macau Tourists to Check Their Health


The partnership of Macau’s blockchain-based healthcare data structure and continental Chinese wellness regulations permitted travelling through the territories to start over. FISCO BCOS, a Chinese non-commercial blockchain organization informed that physical state notes checked via blockchain...

Line in discussion with banks

LINE May Collaborate with Asian Central Banks


South Korean officials announced that Line Corporation is launching a blockchain network which will allow central banks to develop digital ventures. Currently, the Japanese messaging major organization is in discussions with Asian banks. LINE is a Japan-based branch of South Korean firm Navel that...

R3 Corda joining DeFi

R3 Corda is Ready to Go DeFi with XDC Digital Asset


R3 Corda-based blockchain is about to enter DeFi producing XDC crypto tokens on its protocol. The virtual asset will help to access different DeFi apps working on Corda’s distributed ledger technology. The Cordite Society, a collaborative listed in the U.K., issued the XDC digital asset on public...

Central bank of Canada

The Central Bank of Canada Taking Actions Towards CBDC


The Bank of Canada is going to hire an economist with a profound knowledge of financial operations and digital currencies. This is connected with the Canadian Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). According to the job announcement, the economist will be responsible for monitoring and analyzing the...

Filicoin facing difficulties

Filecoin Miner Strike Faces Difficulties


Recently launched Filecoin project is facing difficulties as miners use a token model for collective plugs, which isn't economically practicable. The long-waited Filecoin data storage project launched last week after 3-year since $250 M presale and ICO. A huge amount of Chinese FOMO advanced token...

BTC price analyze

Analyst Finds it Possible BTC Go up to $20K in 3 Months


Bitazu Capital establishing partner and crypto analyst Mohit Sorout thinks Bitcoin could rise to a new record high in 3 months when it gets out of the existing scope. The price of Bitcoin has been strengthening during the last months. According to Mohit Sorout's words, if the BTC breaks out...

Tesla + CXhainlink

Now It's Possible to Manage Tesla Car Using Chainlink


An outer adapter allows Tesla drivers to have access and change their status in Chainlink market. The system was developed in terms of Chainlink Virtual Hackathon by blockchain/DLT engineer Harry Papacharissiou. The prizewinners became known at the beginning of October. The Chainlink Virtual...

Dracula criticising SushiSwap

Dracula Points out SushiSwap Smart Contract Errors


A DeFi farming clone has unveiled features of smart contract bugs in another farming clone as they are doubled whenever the protocol is reproduced. Yield farming harvester Dracula Protocol has issued aspects on a smart contract bug in competitor DeFi program SushiSwap. The project was against...

OKEx stoppeds withdrawals

The Founder of OKEx Has Been Questioned by the Police


On October 16 OKEx suddenly stopped withdrawals. As it was reported, OKEx originator Mingxing Xu, also known as Star Xu, has been questioned by the police. The head of the company was asked nearly a week ago and hasn't attended to work for some time. The news comes shortly after OKEx delayed...

Coinbase earn Crypto 10.15.2020

Coinbase Offers Making Profit by Learning about Compound


Compound was listed on Coinbase Earn Crypto Tutorial Program. This suggests earning by studying the basics of lending and borrowing on Compound. Compound’s addition is another step to DeFi token consumers onboarding. It already has lessons on protocols such as loan service MakerDAO and...

Mt. Gox rehabilitation plan postponed

Mt. Gox Trustee Rehabilitation Plan Prolonged


Mt. Gox crypto exchange is known for encountering the largest crypto hack ever. As stated, the exchange lost a total of 1.35 million Bitcoin in two hacks in 2011 and then in 2014. It was based in Shibuya, Tokyo. In 2014 the organization closed its website and exchange platform applying for...

Ethereum 14.10.2020

3.5 Million ETH Locked in Uniswap


There is already 3.5 M Ethereum (ETH) worth $1.35 B locked on Uniswap. At the same time, the cryptocurrency platform is about reaching $3 B mark of total USD liquidity. UniSwap has been on a roll since June. It is the leading DeFi protocol for a month. Data reveals a huge 96% of all activities on...

Dena innovates energy system

Germany Views Decentralizing Energy Industry with Blockchain


Germany wants to develop its energy regularity cooperating with different blockchain firms. DENA (Deutsche Energie-Agentur) - internationally operating energy provider - considers transferring its power environment to a decentralized information base. Peter Mauric, the head of Parity Technologies...

IBM's new app

IBM Has a Solution to Help Firms Reopen Amid Pandemic


IBM’s new blockchain-powered COVID-19 application sets privacy first. IBM offered a new application which will help people to safely return to their shared physical places as work, school etc. International Business Machines Corporation Watson Health, a healthcare-centred division of tech titan...

Japan Blockchain-Powered Coupons

Blockchain-Powered Coupons in the Tourism Industry


Japan city Aizuwakamatsu is going to introduce a native, blockchain-based alternative for those who are practising an innovative virtual currency circulation protocol built by national crypto exchange Decurret. Customers can use the currency for dinner and at the same time earn interest. Decurret...

Ripple launches new option

New Ripple Setting Offers XRP Payments on Credit


US-based technology organization Ripple started its "Line of Credit" assistance to provide clients utilising On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) to the original property, thus making universal tradings with XRP token possible. The service enables a fast way to funds practising an easy credit...


Innovative Portal Boringdao Raises $1.4 M


Boringdao is a decentralized crosschain linking Ethereum and separate blockchains. It's going to bring out the company’s bBTC tunnel in the near future to offer new symbolic BTC. The infrastructure offers the possibility for non-ERC20 tokens to increase efficiency and yield-powering results in...

Flavio Briatore and BTC up

Is Flavio Briatore Involved in Bitcoin Up?


Several online sources recently have spread the rumour that Italian businessman Flavio Briatore has recommended the use of Bitcoin systems and claim that he has made a fortune through Bitcoin Up. After the inquiry of journalists, it became clear that the entrepreneur had never suggested the use of...

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