NFT Sales Surge to $2.5 B in 2021 First Half

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NFT sales 2021 blockchain

Data from shows that the NFT market records new highs this year. In the first half of 2021, the total amount of NFT sales is approximately 2.5 B. It's worth mentioning that for the same interval last year the indicator was $13.7 million.

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In June, sales on the NFT platform OpenSea topped $150 million.

The most sold NFT category is collectibles. Then come the classes of sports, art, utility, game, and Metaverse.

This year, on March 11, digital artist Beeple's NFT became the most high-priced collectible so far, being sold at $69 M.

On June 10, an NFT called "CryptoPunk" was purchased for $11.8 M at Sotheby's becoming the second most expensive collectible. It is a work from Larva Labs, which started the series of 10,000 pixel-art characters in 2017. The latest one "CryptoPunk #7523, presents an Alien that has greenish skin and wears a mask.