Goldman Sachs Says Eth Can Be the N1 Digital Store of Value

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Goldman Sachs about Ether vs BTC

Major investment bank Goldman Sachs stated in a note to customers that the blockchain offering the most options for real use is Ethereum. The institution suggests Ether may grow into the leading digital store of value.

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Goldman assumes that Ether's entire market cap could get ahead of BTC in the following years. The experts said this is possible due to the token's larger use cases and higher operational speed.

Another thing to take into account is that statistically, Ether grows faster than BTC. Over the last year, BTC progressed 261%, while Ether 856% in the same course of time.

At any rate, Goldman Sachs finds that the leading store of value is gold as unlike cryptos it doesn't include high risks.

Recently, different institutions and analysts of the crypto sphere expressed the opinion that Ether can outperform BTC. Among them is Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky. However, he finds both cryptocurrencies will see wider adoption.

Currently, Bitcoin's market cap stands at around $650.3 B which is 44,26% market dominance and Ethereum's market cap is $278,6 and the dominance index is 18.89%.