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Pique invests in Sorare

Gerard Pique Invests $4.3M in Sorare


Blockchain-powered fantasy football game Sorare announced that Gerard Pique made a $4.3 M worth of investment in the non-fungible token (NFT) site. With this, Sorare’s total seed round reached $9 million. Recently the collector interest in the Ethereum-based NFT protocol has been rising...

Coinbase IPO

Coinbase Files for an IPO


Cryptocurrency trading market Coinbase waits to get the approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Afterwards, the protocol will be able to launch an Inicial Public Offering. Coinbase has been planning to launch an IPO since summer. The protocol is really popular. Launched in 2012,...

BambooDeFilaunches IEO

BambooDeFi Launches an Initial Exchange Offering


Ethereum-deployed protocol BambooDeFi announced the launch of Bamboo Token IEO listed on CHAINX exchange. The project aims to promote DeFi technology and offers people an alternative to the traditional banking system. It allows opening an account without having to tell any personal information....

Brian Armstrong  advice

Coinbase CEO About Crypto Investments


BTC price growth attracts more and more investors, who sometimes are so enthusiastic that don't take into account all the possible risks. The co-founder and CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase, Brian Armstrong posted about this issue. He says that the instability of crypto assets...

BTC above $22.000

Bitcoin's on a Roll! The Price Hits $23.000.


Bitcoin continues showing strong bullish signs. Just a few hours later after surging $20000 it records a new all-time high surpassing $23.000. At the moment the cryptocurrency trades above $22.700. The price increased over 12% in a day. Analysts predict the rise will continue. BTC market cap has...

BTC new all-time high

BTC Reached Its New All-Time High


First time in history BTC price surpassed $20.000. Now it trades for around $20800. The leading cryptocurrency's hash rate has been displaying stability for several days. Crypto analytics firm Glassnode informs that along with this, the amount of liquidations of short positions on Binance has gone...

FCA offers temporary registration

FCA Offers Crypto Companies a Temporary License


UK financial regulator FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) informed that the digital asset organizations that didn't manage to register, have the opportunity to work under limited-period licensing terms for 6 months as the regulator faces some issues with a stockpile of requests. FCA stated that the...

SBA acquires B2C2

SBI Procures Digital Asset Trading Platform B2C2


Japanese financial organization SBI has gained a 90% stake in B2C2, a leading liquidity provider in digital currency. This aims to draw institutional investors into crypto. According to the Dec. 16 announcement, SBI Holdings’ branch SBI Financial Services has purchased UK-headquartered...

Coinbase lists more assets

Coinbase Pro Lists Aave, Bancor, and Synthetix Network


Digital asset exchange Coinbase Pro announced that Aave (AAVE), Bancor (BNT), and Synthetix Network (SNX) are joining the platform. As the number of people interested in the decentralized finance sector is growing, more and more platforms are listing digital tokens. Coinbase also has been focused...

TRC20-USDT  surges $6.4 B

TRC20-USDT Circulation Amount Surges $6.4 B


On December 14, Justin Sun tweeted that Tron-powered asset TRC20-USDT issued by Tether exceeded 6.4 B. TRC‌-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the TRON blockchain for implementing tokens with the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM). It is entirely cooperative with ERC‌-20. The...

USA Treasury attacked

U.S. Treasury Hack will Increase Trust in Bitcoin


On December 13 U.S authorities announced that the US Treasury and the body linked to the Commerce Department were hacked. The reporting made by Reuters states that another country was involved in this. This is a major crime against U.S. network safety. The National Security Council called for an...

JPMorgan about BTC

JPMorgan Says BTC Institutional Demand to Reach $600B


New-York based multinational investment bank and financial services company JPMorgan Chase Co finds it possible for bitcoin flow to reach $600 B. Data shows that insurance companies and pension funds in the U.S., Europe, and Japan have put just one percent of their assets into the world’s leading...

Russia crypto law

Russian Officials Must Reveal Their Crypto Capitals


Russian state authorities will now be required to report about their digital asset funds, according to a new order President Vladimir Putin confirmed on Thursday. The paper states that any government officer must disclose not only his or her crypto funds but also the properties of their spouse and...

MicroStrategy offering completed

MicroStrategy's Offering Surged $635 M


On Friday, major business analytics organization MicroStrategy informed about the completion of a $650 Million contribution of 0.75% convertible senior notes. This means the firm must return funds to the participants at a rate of 0.75% annually, beginning from June 2021 and lasting through June...

CBDC, what is it

What Is CBDC? Which Are the Countries Experimenting With It?


The concept of CBDC CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is a new class of currency that different governments worldwide are observing. The main difference between CBDC and regular currencies is that the first one is designed to run innovative payment solutions, especially a blockchain in order to...

TSX listed  the first Eth Fund product

Eth-based Fund Functions in Canada with $76 M Surged


Toronto Stock Exchange has officially listed the first Ethereum-powered Fund product, which got over $76.5 M from capitalists. On Thursday authorities announced that the Ether Fund has finished its initial public offering of 7,240,000 Class A Units and Class F Units. the fundraiser managed by the...

Wordpress presents new EthereumAds plugin

WordPress Allows Users to Earn Ethereum Through Ads


Free and open-source content management system WordPress launched a new plugin named EthereumAds. It allows content creators to purchase the advertising space and get Ethereum in exchange. EthereumAds is similar to other auction-based ad systems; it regularly assigns ad space to the highest offer...

Bitpay can build  a National Trust Bank

BitPay Can Develop a National Trust Bank


US-based BTC payment service provider BitPay intends to build a national trust bank. It has already petitioned the United States Office of the Comptroller of the Currency to get the approval. This means that in the case of a positive response, BitPay will become the only institution that equals...

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