Vietnam Is the First by Crypto Ownership Among 27 Countries

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Crypto adoption survey

Sydney-based fintech Finder, which is focused on financial products comparison, has issued a report on crypto adoption informing about the results of a survey carried out with 42.000 individuals from 27 European, Asian and American countries.

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The worldwide average for the percentage of people who own crypto is 19%. Asian countries lead the chart. The most common cryptocurrency to own is BTC. Leaders of the results are countries of emerging market economies.

As the results show, Vietnam ranks first by crypto ownership with 41% of repliers saying they had bought crypto and 20% that they had bought BTC. Another survey-based study released by Statista discovered that Vietnam is the second country by crypto usage on the global scale.

Next in Finder's rankings are Indonesia and India, both having 30%. The country having the lowest percentage in crypto is the UK. 8% of participants said they had acquired crypto. The US has the the second lowest crypto ownership rate (9%).