Lionel Messi’s Welcome Package to PSG Includes Crypto Tokens

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PSG fan tokens part of welcome package

Football legend Lionel Messi signed a formal 2-year contract with the Paris Saint Germain football club this week. As PSG stated via a blog post, a large number of PSG fan tokens were a part of Messi’s welcome package.

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This connects the Argentine player with millions of PSG fans all over the world.

The PSG token was created at the beginning of 2020 with a crypto platform for football fans Fan tokens aim to help football clubs create a new fan community. Token holders can vote on club-related decisions. Currently, PSG trades at around $39 with its market cap above $115 M.

It was mentioned in the blog post that token implementation indicates the club's growth as an international brand, along with the appearance of new revenue sources.

The popularity of fan tokens has been rising.

Over 45 major sports organizations launched their tokens. Among them are Juventus, Manchester City, FC Barcelona, Arsenal as well as the Argentina and Portugal national football teams.