Walmart in Search of a Crypto Product Lead

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Walmart hiring

Major retail company Walmart posted a job on LinkedIn announcing it's looking for a digital currency and cryptocurrency product lead.

The company mentioned that among the employer's responsibilities will be building a digital currency strategy and product roadmap.

It was noted in the announcement that Walmart allows various payment methods. The new team member will lead the process of identifying technology, customer trends, and the investments that are required to build on those trends.

The post didn't identify what products the firm is going to present in particular.

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Walmart has shown interest in the blockchain industry before. In 2019, the company submitted an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to issue its fiat-pegged digital currency similar to Facebook's Libra. Walmart has also participated in pilot programs related to supply chain tracking.

In July, Amazon announced hiring an expert in digital currency and blockchain products. The news raised discussions that the company might plan to allow users’ paying in crypto.

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However, Amazon denied the rumors and said there are no such plans yet.