Hackers Returned $342 M of Stolen $613 From Poly Network

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Poly Network DeFi hack

On August 10, one of the DeFi's largest hacks ever took place which resulted in stealing around $613 M from the cross-chain protocol Poly Network.

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After the case, the network contracted hackers via Twitter calling on to return the seized funds.

The attacker answered via Ether transaction note, voicing their intention to send back altcoins. Today, Poly revealed the return of $342 M.

Before the return, blockchain security ecosystem firm SlowMist said that it has detected the attacker's email box, internet protocol address, and device fingerprints. The names weren't mentioned.

The Poly Network runs on BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon. The team said that after investigation, they discovered that there was a vulnerable point between smart contract calls. Through the flaw, the attackers were able to modify the contract orders for each of the three chains and directed the amount to 3 wallet addresses. There were over 12 coins and tokens stolen, among them Eth, Wrapped Bitcoin, UNI, DAI.

The hack has raised various discussions. Some think it was a white hack initially, while others are sure that the fund return is connected with SlowMist's achieved ID information.