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Russia News and Articles


Exchange Kraken will stop serving Russian users


Last week, the cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopay announced the termination of services for users from the Russian Federation. The trading platform motivated its decision by the need to comply with the sanctions imposed on Moscow by Western countries. The day before, another bitcoin exchange,...


Another crypto exchange joins anti-Russian sanctions


Cryptocurrency exchanges registered in the European Union began to limit the possibilities of Russian users. Last week, the service announced that it was joining the sanctions against the Russian Federation. Until October 27, users of this crypto wallet must withdraw funds,...


The LocalBitcoins platform will leave the Russian market


Russian users of LocalBitcoins began to receive notifications from the platform that it is planning to leave the Russian Federation soon. As the Rozetked network resource clarifies, the exit from the domestic market is associated with tougher sanctions against Moscow. Recall that within the...

Dapper Labs Russia sanctions

Dapper Labs Announced Restrictions for Russian Accounts


NFT-focused blockchain development company Dapper Labs announced suspending Russian accounts. In a blog post, the Dapper Labs team mentioned that the decision came after the European Union imposed new bans against Russia and Russian nationals. According to the EU statement released on October 6,...


Binance has no plans to stop serving Russian users yet


A fresh round of sanctions on Moscow is being prepared by the European Union. Brussels is investigating ideas for a total ban on cryptocurrency transfers for Russians. Russian Federation residents in particular won't be allowed to utilize bitcoin wallets and sites that are registered in the...

Vladimir Putin crypto law

Vladimir Putin Approved a Bill to Ban Crypto Payments


The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin approved a law that makes cryptocurrency payments not legal in the country. According to the statement, the Ruble is the only accepted monetary unit in Russia. The new law defines that digital assets and rights aren’t accepted as monetary surrogates any...

Japan Russia crypto

US Calls for Japan to Pressure Crypto Miners to Cut Ties with Russia


The USA urged Japan to put pressure on the country's cryptocurrency exchanges and miners to cut links with Russian crypto operators as a part of Moscow's financial isolation. US diplomats made the request related to the officially licensed crypto exchanges that are operating in Russia. A report by...


BitMEX will stop serving Russian users in the EU


As part of complying with the sanctions legislation of the European Union, the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange has decided to stop serving Russian users. Over the past few months, many large trading platforms have banned citizens of the Russian Federation from making transactions with digital...

Binance Russia crypto limits

Binance Puts Some Limits on Services for Russian Users


Major crypto exchange Binance revealed limiting services for Russian users after the European Union's new package of sanctions. The company said that it is required to limit services for natural persons and legal entities in Russia that hold crypto assets worth over 10,000 euros (equal to...

Russia banks crypto wallets

Russian Banks Consider Banning Self-Custody Crypto Wallets


ARB (Association of Banks of Russia) has suggested banning the use of non-custodial wallets for storing cryptocurrencies. This means that users will need to use traditional exchange accounts. ARB also suggested criminalizing the behavior of not providing wallet private keys to licensed agencies. ...

Russia crypto bill

Russia to Legalize Digital Currencies


Russia’s Ministry of Finance revealed that it finalized the bill "On Digital Currency." The updated bill includes clarification on crypto trading and mining. Thus, the bill suggests forming regulations for the crypto sector. According to the document, digital currencies can be accepted...

Russia gas bitcoin

Russian Duma Considers Selling Gas and Oil for Bitcoin


Pavel Zavalny, the head of the Russian Gas Society, said the country allows the possibility of accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment for the export of natural resources. In a press conference, he suggested that the conditions of export may be different for various countries depending on their...


Binance continues to restrict opportunities for Russian traders


In early March, the Binance administration announced that the company would not leave the Russian market. However, the exchange will limit the service to users as part of compliance with the sanctions legislation. This week it became known about new restrictions on investors from the Russian...

Russia USA

US authorities may block Russian users of crypto exchanges


As part of compliance with the sanctions policy, the American leadership is preparing a bill that prevents the use of cryptocurrencies by Russian individuals and legal entities. A bill developed by a group of senators, which included Elizabeth Warren, who advocates strict crypto regulation, was...


DEX aggregator Matcha blocked transactions from Russian IP addresses


The aggregator of decentralized exchanges Matcha has deprived users with IP addresses from Russia of the opportunity to make transactions. The original message "trading from Russia is not supported" was later changed to "region is not supported". A similar message can be seen by...


Japanese crypto exchanges and services will stop serving Russians


Against the backdrop of increased sanctions pressure and limited access to dollars and euros, the interest of citizens and companies in cryptocurrencies has sharply increased in Russia. Bitcoin exchanges have recorded an increase in investment in both Bitcoin and stablecoins. At the beginning of...


The USA will stop the circumvention of Russian sanctions with BTC


Senator Elizabeth Warren is drafting a bill to make it harder to circumvent economic sanctions with digital currencies. This politician represents the camp of supporters of strict crypto regulation in the American establishment. She has repeatedly demanded from Congress and the government to...

Trezor hardware

Satoshi Labs has stopped deliveries of Trezor hardware wallets to Russia


Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, the Czech company Satoshi Labs has suspended the supply of Trezor hardware crypto wallets to the Russian Federation. It is reported by NBC News. “We do not deliver to Russia,” said company representative Christina Mazankov. According to her, the...

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