Russian Duma Considers Selling Gas and Oil for Bitcoin

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Russia gas bitcoin

Pavel Zavalny, the head of the Russian Gas Society, said the country allows the possibility of accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment for the export of natural resources. In a press conference, he suggested that the conditions of export may be different for various countries depending on their relations with Russia.

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According to local media, Zavalny said Russia can sell resources to non-friendly countries for gold or rubles while friendly countries like China, Turkey, or Serbia can pay with their national currencies or bitcoins.

Earlier this week, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin demanded that foreign countries that impose sanctions against Russia pay for Russian gas in rubles. He said that currencies such as the dollar or euro were compromised due to sanctions on the country's foreign reserves.

Crypto plays a major role in the created geopolitical situation. Ukraine raised over $54 million in digital assets donation, and Russians can invest in crypto amid the ruble depreciation.