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Russia News and Articles

Brad Garlinghouse

Ripple CEO: Russia won't able to use crypto to circumvent sanctions


According to Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, the Russian authorities will not be able to use digital currencies to circumvent financial sanctions. Talks about the use of such tools in states under sanctions pressure have been going on over the past few years. For example, Iran has repeatedly stated...

Animoca Brands Russian users

Animoca Brands Halts Russian Users According to a Legal Advice


Animoca Brands, leading gamification, blockchain, and AI company makes its services unavailable for Russian users as the number of sanctions against the country is increasing for invading Ukraine. In an interview with Bloomberg, Animoca co-founder Yat Siu said that the step will affect subsidiaries...


Crypto exchanges are starting to leave the Russian market


The American crypto company Coinbase, which owns the bitcoin exchange of the same name, announced the end of servicing Russian investors. Another marketplace, Kraken, said it was ready to follow the same path. However, it needs an order from the relevant supervisory authorities, said its CEO, Jesse...

Russia crypto regulations

Russia To Present Crypto Regulatory Bill Till February 18


The Russian government confirmed the proposed Minfin concept of regulating the crypto industry. According to the official announcement by the government, the industry will be regulated to ensure investor protection. Thus, cryptos will be integrated into the financial system. The government...

Anton Siluanov about crypto regulations

Russian Minister of Finance Suggests Crypto Trading via Banks


Anton Siluanov, Russia’s Minister of Finance finds that crypto should be regulated and not forbidden. As local media informs, the politician wrote a letter to the PM, Mikhail Mishustin and proposed to legalize crypto trading via banks. Previously, the Bank of Russia issued a paper, suggesting a...

Vladimir Putin Russia crypto

Vladimir Putin Mentioned Russia’s Advantages in Crypto Mining


The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin does not totally agree with the position of the country's Central Bank that crypto mining and trading should be banned. Today, during the meeting with the government members, Putin talked about crypto regulations. Referring to the paper released recently by...


Russian banks begin testing a platform for digital ruble


In November 2021, as part of the implementation of the CBDC concept, the Bank of Russia announced tests of a platform for transactions with the crypto ruble. As Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova noted, the regulator, together with several largest banks, intends to implement the...

Bank of Russia crypto ban

Bank of Russia Proposed Ban on Crypto Mining and Trading


Today Russia’s Central Bank issued a report on the crypto industry, trends, risks, and regulations. The regulator announced its plans to enhance regulations on unbanked cryptos and stablecoins. The institution proposes a full crypto ban, including issuance and operations. It also offers to...

Russia Central Bank crypto

Russia's Central Bank Considers Banning Crypto Investments


Russia’s Central Bank considers forbidding crypto investments, two financial market sources standing close to the institution told Reuters. As the report informs, the regulator assumes that an increasing number of crypto transactions presents risks to financial stability. In 2020, Russia gave...


US authorities confiscate $2.3M worth of crypto from a Russian hacker


At the end of the summer, American law enforcement officers confiscated about $ 2.3 million in digital currency from a hacker from Russia. The criminal is currently in the territory of the Russian Federation. We are talking about Alexander Sikerin, who may be associated with the REvil hacker group,...


The CB of Russia plans to publish a report on the crypto market


The management of the Bank of Russia strongly opposes the recognition of bitcoin as a legal payment instrument. The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, periodically confirms her tough position and calls BTC a fraud and a financial pyramid. Soon, the regulator promises to publish its...

Russia crypto mining

Russian Authorities Consider Legalising Crypto Mining


The State Duma of the Russian Federation together with Ministries of Economic Development, and Energy are considering legalizing and regulating the crypto mining sector in the country. According to the press release published by the news provider Izvestia, the authorities find this will be...


The digital ruble will receive a separate legislative regulation


Several Russian laws and codes will be amended in connection with the launch of the digital ruble. The CB of the Russian Federation noted that the necessary amendments and a roadmap for the implementation of the asset are going to be developed based on the results of testing a model of the digital...

Vladimir Putin crypto

Putin Says Crypto Has Value, but Its Usage Is Limited


Today, during the Russian Energy Week conference, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin said that cryptocurrencies can be used as a unit of account. At the same time, he mentioned that it's still soon to tell if crypto can be used in energy transactions or not. Asked if BTC or other cryptocurrencies...

Biden Putin talk

Biden and Putin Discussed Acting On Bitcoin Ransomware


White House announced that US president Joe Biden had a phone talk with Russia's President Vladimir Putin on July 9. The subject was ransomware attacks from Russia-based gangs that occurred recently. Biden said the US finds Russia must take measures against the cybercriminals when the US gives them...

Sberbank stablecoin

Russian Sberbank Applies for Launching a Stablecoin


Moscow-headquartered Russian banking leader Sberbank presented documents to the country’s banking supervisory body to release its own stablecoin. Sberbank was founded in 1841. Now it is the dominant credit establishment in Russia and post-Soviet countries. The vice-president of the bank’s...

Russia Binance

Binance Is No Longer on the Russian Regulations Blacklist


Russian officials announced that the Regional Court of Arkhangelsk decided on canceling a former order to blacklist the cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance in the country. The hearing was on January 20. The proceedings began in September 2020, when Binance received a notice from Russian data...

Russia crypto law

Russian Officials Must Reveal Their Crypto Capitals


Russian state authorities will now be required to report about their digital asset funds, according to a new order President Vladimir Putin confirmed on Thursday. The paper states that any government officer must disclose not only his or her crypto funds but also the properties of their spouse and...

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