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Andreessen Horowitz web3

Andreessen Horowitz Opens a New Crypto Research Hub


American venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz is starting a new research hub to study Web3 and crypto. The company released a blog post that says in the last decade crypto and web3 has become as a frontier technology and an independent sector. It unites elements of computer science, economics,...

dating crypto investors

Study Found Crypto Investors Are More Attractive to Date


A recent study by the trading platform eToro found out that financially stable people, who are also savvy, are more attractive for going out on a date. Based on the survey answers, 33% of Americans would be more likely to date someone who added crypto in their dating profile. Also, the study found...

Fidelity crypto research

Fidelity Says Countries Securing BTC Will Gain Advantage


International financial services corporation Fidelity published research on cryptocurrencies. The report covers the spheres of regulations, adoption, market awareness, the expansion of the industry, and other analyses. Fidelity mentioned that in 2021 Bitcoin saw significant growth. At the start of...

Using Blockchain to Reduce Nuclear War Risks

Blockchain as a Means to Reduce Nuclear War Risks


Researchers at the Centre for Science and Security Studies at King’s College London have issued a report, where they analyzed "non-political" solutions for the problem of nuclear disarmament. From the moment nuclear armaments were created, they have been a major peril to humanity. ...

Bitcoin research

Report: Bitcoin daily transaction volume reaches $2 billion


Formal Verification analysts in collaboration with Glassnode released a report on the on-chain state of the largest cryptocurrency in the second quarter. Researchers note the growing role of bitcoin as a means of payment. In recent years, both the number of transactions and their average cost have...

Bitcoin price

Research: Bitcoin is correlating with US stock market


The price of bitcoin again closely correlates with the dynamics of the US stock market. Fears of a possible worsening of the situation with the coronavirus may pull stocks and, therefore, the crypto market. This is stated in the report of Arcane Research. Experts say the stock market has been...

Glassnode Bitcoin research

95% of the addresses in Bitcoin network contain 0 balances


Bitcoin continues to be the most popular digital asset, outperforming its competitors in many respects, however, there are fewer addresses with positive balances in the first crypto network than in the Ethereum network. According to Glassnode, the number of active bitcoin addresses on a daily basis...

Bitcoin in darknet

Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency in darknet


Bitcoin is used much more actively in the darknet than the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Zcash. This is stated in a study by Rand Corporation commissioned by Electric Coin Company. Representatives of Rand Corporation emphasize that "the presence of Zcash in the darknet is negligible."...

bitFlyer crypto confidence index

Study: two-thirds of Europeans believe in future of crypto


Two-thirds of Europeans are convinced that in ten years cryptocoins will not disappear and continue to exist. Such results were shown by a survey conducted by bitFlyer. The second annual study to calculate the so-called Crypto-Confidence Index was attended by 10 thousand people from ten countries....

cryptocurrency used for clothing food

Research: most spend cryptocurrencies on food and clothing


Cryptocurrency owners most often use them to pay for everyday goods, while every third of those who are not related to them associates digital assets with the purchase of weapons and drugs. Visual Objects have come to such results. Among the 983 respondents surveyed, only 157 had experience buying...

Ethereum mining 2019

Ethereum miners “dug up” $936 million in 2019: 75% less 2018


According to The Block researchers, last year Ethereum miners mined $936 million worth of cryptocurrency. The decline compared to the previous period was about 75%. Largely due to the advent of ASIC devices, the air hash rate reached a historic maximum in August 2018 at around 292 TH/s. After that,...

Arcane Research bitcoin

Arcane Research: cryptocurrency “fear and greed index” rose


A recent Arcane Research report says that amid a recent 9,500 bitcoin test, the crypto “fear and greed index” rose to last August's. The index has been growing since mid-December amid a general recovery in prices for many crypto assets. This indicates a growing optimism among market...

Chainalysis bitcoin darknet

Chainalysis: the popularity of bitcoin grows on the darknet


Chainalysis researchers concluded that the use of bitcoin on the darknet, including for the purchase of drugs, continues to grow. In a new report, the firm said that during the fourth quarter of last year, the volume of transactions with bitcoin on darknet markets amounted to $600 million. The...

Chinese blockchain investments

In 2019 China’s total investments in blockchain dropped 40%


The newest investigation shows blockchain spending in spheres of investment and funding ventures has lost the upper 40% in China during the last year. China had 245 funding and investment ventures in 2019 altogether, which is almost 60% less than in 2018. China's government held a study with...

Bitcoin SV research

Arcane Research: Craig Wright provoked a Bitcoin SV pump?


Arcane Research analysts published a report, in which they shared their thoughts on the reasons for the recent Bitcoin SV rally, which grew by almost 200% in 7 days. The Weekly Update: 2017 sentiments are back in the crypto market, as altcoins register wild gains. Read more about this and other...

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