Study: two-thirds of Europeans believe in future of crypto

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bitFlyer crypto confidence index

Two-thirds of Europeans are convinced that in ten years cryptocoins will not disappear and continue to exist. Such results were shown by a survey conducted by bitFlyer.

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The second annual study to calculate the so-called Crypto-Confidence Index was attended by 10 thousand people from ten countries. A year later, the indicator of confidence in crypto grew by 3% from 63% to 66%.

Commenting on the results, bitFlyer Europe's Chief Operating Officer Andy Bryant admitted that the higher level of cryptocurrency adoption is partly due to the current economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Italy, which took the brunt of the new coronavirus, turned out to be the most optimistic about crypto here the share of those who believe in the future of cryptocoins was 72%. The second line in this ranking with an indicator of 70% was shared by the Netherlands and Poland, followed by Spain (68%).

The greatest skepticism was shown by residents of the UK (56%), while at the same time when narrowing the sample to respondents aged 18-44, this figure was 61%.

Researchers emphasized that the results should be taken with caution since a quarter of those who believe that crypto has a future have found it difficult to explain what role they will play.