Research: most spend cryptocurrencies on food and clothing

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cryptocurrency used for clothing food

Cryptocurrency owners most often use them to pay for everyday goods, while every third of those who are not related to them associates digital assets with the purchase of weapons and drugs. Visual Objects have come to such results.

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Among the 983 respondents surveyed, only 157 had experience buying a cryptocurrency.

Statistics found that most often their owners spent digital assets on food (38%), clothing (34%) and stocks (29%). While the purchase of drugs and weapons admitted 15% and 11%, respectively.

Similar answers contrast with the ideas of those who have never contacted cryptocurrencies. So Visual Objects noted that in this group were 30% of those who believe that digital assets are needed only for the purchase of illegal goods.

The consulting agency also noted an increase in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. A previous survey conducted in October showed that their owners were only 6.2% of respondents compared to 16% in the latest study.

Bitcoin (70% of answers) is most popular among users, followed by Ethereum (27%), Litecoin (LTC) 20%, Dogecoin (DOGE) 15% and Dash (DASH) 14%.