Study Found Crypto Investors Are More Attractive to Date

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dating crypto investors

A recent study by the trading platform eToro found out that financially stable people, who are also savvy, are more attractive for going out on a date.

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Based on the survey answers, 33% of Americans would be more likely to date someone who added crypto in their dating profile.

Also, the study found out that paying for the bill in BTC increases the person's chances for a second date. Three out of four participants answered so.

Participants were interested in NFTs as well. Around 20% of single people said that they would like to learn more about a person who uses an NFT as their profile picture.

A study by Pew Research, found that 16% of Americans have traded, invested and used crypto. 86% said they heard something about the sector, and 24% said they have heard about the assets many times. Currently, the total crypto market cap is above $2 trillion. Bitcoin trades at around $43.000.