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More than 60% of institutionals are ready to invest in crypto


Rumors about institutional adoption of crypto have been going on for the past several years. Some experts say that financial institutions are willing to invest in products focused on bitcoin and other coins. However, some skeptics doubt that institutions are interested in innovative tools. For...


Robinhood launched a recurrent crypto investment service


Online broker Robinhood has launched a service that automates investments in digital assets at regular intervals. Possible options include a day, a week, once every two weeks, and a month. The service cost is $ 1. Until the end of September, it will become available to all users, except for...

Men in crypto

Men are twice as likely to invest in cryptos as women


Among crypto investors, there are twice as many men as women, according to a study by CNBC and Momentive (formerly Survey Money). Decrypt found out how this data is perceived in the industry. According to the survey, 16% of male respondents have invested in digital assets. Among women, this share...

Germany funds crypto

German Institutional Funds Can Invest in Crypto From Aug. 2


Germany makes a move towards crypto adoption. The country enables funds aimed at institutional investors to put up to 20% of their capital in various digital assets. However, managers should adopt a cautious approach taking into account that the asset class is ultra-volatile. The option will be...

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