More than 60% of institutionals are ready to invest in crypto

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Rumors about institutional adoption of crypto have been going on for the past several years.

Some experts say that financial institutions are willing to invest in products focused on bitcoin and other coins. However, some skeptics doubt that institutions are interested in innovative tools.

For example, Anthony Scaramucci told Bloomberg that only 10% of institutions hold their capital in crypto funds. Most of the institutions are still wary of entering such products due to the volatility of bitcoin and the lack of regulation of this market.

Nickel Digital Asset Management, a European company, surveyed 50 asset managers and 50 funds, 64% of which expressed their readiness to invest in digital currencies over the next 12 months. Institutions from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates took part in the study.

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More than 40% of respondents admitted that their attitude towards Bitcoin has improved significantly over the past two years. That is partly due to the increased transparency of the digital marketplace. 34% of respondents consider cryptocurrency as a haven asset from inflationary risks.

Henry Howell, head of Nickel Digital's business unit, said: "There is no doubt that the cryptocurrency market is becoming more and more mature, and institutional capital and the asset management sector are entering it."

According to the expert, the coronavirus pandemic and the improvement of the global infrastructure have become the leading factors that accelerated the entry of companies and funds into the crypto sphere.