Europeans view digital assets as a tool to increase family savings

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Despite the high risks of investing in digital assets and general market volatility, many citizens continue to see cryptocurrencies as a tool that can increase their monetary savings. This, by the way, is evidenced by the results of a recent survey conducted by the Kantar analytical company commissioned by the BitMEX trading platform.

The expert report says that the highest level of trust in virtual currencies was recorded among citizens of the European Union. Thus, the majority of respondents (three out of five) said that thanks to investing in digital assets, they were able to increase their cash savings by 50%.

About 3,000 respondents took part in the survey, which was aimed at identifying crypto trends in 2022. They, by the way, were residents of not only Europe but also Asia and Latin America. Among the Internet users surveyed, only Europeans consider cryptocurrency as a means of increasing family wealth. In their opinion, digital assets are the best option of our time in terms of accumulating money.

If we talk about specific numbers, then 55% of respondents said that they currently own cryptocurrency. A record 70% of users, in turn, noted that they most often use digital assets for family needs (we are talking about long-term investment to increase savings).

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Among other things, Kantar focused on the fact that three out of five European citizens reported a 50 percent increase in their investments due to driving into cryptocurrencies. Although this figure is still lower than, for example, lottery winnings, the report indicates that 80% of surveyed users make crypto transactions worth $1,000 or more.

The results of the survey were commented on by the representative of the customer side, the director of the marketing division of BitMEX, Michel Bertacco.

“The study aimed to examine the general mood and attitude towards digital assets among average citizens. The results of the survey will be taken into account when developing plans for the development of our crypto products and trading platform directly. Now we just have to accept the inevitable reality - the mainstream appetite for cryptocurrencies is increasing every day, ”the man summed up.