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Twitter (TWTR.CX) News

Twitter CFO crypto

Twitter CFO Says the Firm Now Prefers Securities Over Crypto


In a Monday interview, Twitter’s top financial manager Ned Segal said that at the moment the firm doesn't find it beneficial to invest corporate capital in BTC or other crypto. As the CFO says, instead of investing in volatile currencies, Twitter needs to add more stable assets like securities to...

Twitter decentralized apps

Twitter Makes a Team To Work On Distributed Technologies


Major social media portal Twitter builds a blockchain-focused team to work on dapps, NFTs, and other crypto-related products. The lead of Twitter Crypto is experienced developer Tess Rinearson. As per a post published by Rinearson, the team's work will include but is not limited to...


Twitter demonstrated the work of the NFT verification system


Twitter Marketing Head Justin Taylor posted a video demonstrating an interface for working with non-fungible tokens (NFT). The social platform will allow members to use the latter as avatars. The video was recorded by senior Twitter developer Mada Aflak. To install NFT instead of a profile photo,...

Twitter tips crypto

Twitter Presents Crypto Tipping Feature


Social networking service Twitter announced adding an in-app tipping feature on iOS, saying the Android version will come soon. In a blog post published on September 23, the Twitter staff product manager Esther Crawford said that the tips are available for everyone, enabling more payment options....


Twitter told reason for blocking accounts of cryptanalysts


The Twitter administration unexpectedly blocked the accounts of at least seven popular cryptanalysts. Users of this social network noticed that they were unable to view the pages of experts under the nicknames @wooonomic, @ 100trillionUSD, @mmcrypto, @wsbchairman, @themooncarl, @TheCryptoDog, and...

Bitcoin Twitter

Anxious sentiment about the future of BTC raised on Twitter


Bitcoin has made another leap this week. BTC capitalization exceeded $ 1 trillion for the first time since mid-February. However, among Twitter users, anxiety has increased again. People again began to doubt that Bitcoin would hold above $ 50,000. According to the Santiment team, Twitter activity...


Dogecoin outdid Bitcoin in popularity on Twitter in February


At the end of February, Dogecoin turned out to be the most talked-about cryptocurrency on Twitter, bypassing Bitcoin and Ethereum, according to data from the ICO Analytics service. According to the tracker, the meme cryptocurrency accounted for 10.4% of mentions related to digital assets. The share...


Block Research notes surge of Twitter users' interest in BTC


The Block Research team found that in February 2021, the number of mentions of bitcoin on Twitter rose to a record high. This trend is directly related to the strengthening of the BTC rate. Recall that at the end of last week, the largest digital currency exceeded $ 58,000, today the coin fell back...

Musk about Doge 02.04.2021

BTC Is Removed From Musk's Twitter Bio. Doge Is in the Feed


Famous entrepreneur, the CEO of Space X Elon Musk, deleted Bitcoin from his Twitter bio, which he added last week. Today Musk posted several tweets related to Dogecoin. The first of them ran "Doge". After a few minutes, he posted "Dogecoin is the people's crypto." Then in a...


Positive Bitcoin tweets hit six-month high


The number of positive posts about Bitcoin has skyrocketed on Twitter. Even the recent drop in the value of the largest digital currency could not provoke a surge of negative emotions among users of the social network. The number of positive reviews for BTC has reached its highest level in the past...

Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey once again praised Bitcoin


Twitter founder Jack Dorsey continues to point to the enormous potential of the largest digital currency. He has repeatedly praised Bitcoin and stressed that it is the only currency on the Internet. Dorsey recently reaffirmed his commitment not only to Bitcoin but also to blockchain technology. He...

Narendra Modi

India’s PM became a victim of cyberpunks in Twitter


The Twitter account of Narendra Modi, India's Prime Minister, was attacked. Officials announced that the attacked account was connected with Modi's individual website and mobile app. The criminals called their account "John Wick". They sent messages requesting contributions in Bitcoin...

Twitter hack Graham Clark

17-year-old teen arrested on suspicion of Twitter hack


US police have detained 17-year-old Tampa resident Graham Clark, accusing him of involvement in the recent attack on the social network Twitter and the fraudulent distribution of bitcoin. This was announced by the local television channel WFLA. Graham Clark is suspected of involvement in the attack...

Twitter hack exchanges

Exchanges saved customers' $300.000 during Twitter hack


Prompt moves by cryptocurrency exchanges have allowed users to save at least $300,000 in the recent Twitter hack, Forbes reports. Trading platforms began taking action to counter cybercriminals minutes after the fake tweets appeared, while the first restrictive steps by the social network's...

Twitter hack Bitcoin

Twitter hackers used BitPay and Coinbase to transfer funds


Attackers who managed to gain access to the accounts of many celebrities on Twitter transferred the received funds to a separate address. Previously, it was used to send funds to Coinbase and BitPay and CoinPayments services. #TwitterHack @coinbase @BitPay Please check the following Bitco_in...

altcoins mentions Twitter

Twitter mentions of altcoins fell to a three-year low number


The popularity of altcoins on Twitter has fallen significantly amid bearish sentiment in the market. In particular, this is evidenced by the data of the analytical service BitinfoCharts, writes Cointelegraph. So, the number of mentions of coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP is approaching a...

Elon Musk Dogecoin

Elon Musk admired the "dog coin" in his Twitter


The head of Tesla, Elon Musk, shared a photograph of a dog on his Twitter and said that they have the best coin. Dogs rock— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 3, 2020 Social network users immediately perceived this as yet another statement by Musk about interest in...

IOTA founders quarrel Twitter

IOTA founders quarrel on Twitter: even charges of exit scam


IOTA founder David Sonstebo and former board member Sergei Ivancheglo quarrel on Twitter. The conflict began with Ivancheglo’s tweet about refusing further cooperation on the development of the Jinn Labs startup and his readiness to sue Sonstebo with a demand to pay him 25 million MIOTA coins...