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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) News

Bitcoin Cash ranks 9th

Bitcoin Cash Reappears in the Crypto Top 10


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is again in the top 10 cryptocurrencies. It ranks the 9th with over $26.8 B market cap. The price of the coin has seen more than a 79% increase over the previous 7 days, surpassing $1470. BCH's hard fork that occurs twice a year, is scheduled for May 15. It plans to remove the...

Bitcoin Cash

Hardfork on Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Again


The Bitcoin Cash network successfully forked on November 15. That is the second fork in Bitcoin Cash history. Exactly two years ago, on November 15, as a result of the network split, a new Bitcoin SV coin appeared, which now occupies 11th place in the cryptocurrency rating. This time, the current...

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash hash dropped almost immediately after halving


Shorter than a day after the halving in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) system, the computing power unexpectedly dropped to a minimum. A surge in the activity of miners was recorded a few days before the halving. BCH hashrate exceeded 4.3 exhash per second (EH/s) in early April. After reducing the block...

Bitcoin miner found fortune

Bitcoin miner found a forgotten multi-million fortune


An anonymous Bitcoin miner has discovered a wallet with coins that were mined back in 2010, follows from his message on the BitcoinTalk forum. The block reward was then 50 BTC. Opening the topic “Newbie returning after long hiatus", he wrote that he mined “a few bitcoins” when it was...

BSV was the best performing coin

BSV was the best performing coin of the recent bull run


Recent news about CME's Bitcoin options launch and its immediate success boosted crypto bull run even more, with BTC reaching $8,700. But this time the absolute leader was BSV, which has recorded a 100% gain in 24 hours and 200% since the start of the year. For a while, Bitcoin SV even surpassed...

Rakuten Group

Rakuten will let its customers swap points for crypto


One of the most remarkable e-commerce businesses Rakuten has declared, that its users will have a new service soon that will let them swap their loyalty points for three preeminent crypto coins. Rakuten Group has about 1.3 billion members. According to the corporation, it is an excellent move for...

Bitcoin twitter

@Bitcoin Twitter account again supports Bitcoin (BTC)


The notorious Twitter account @Bitcoin, to the surprise of many members of the community, again “changed its orientation” and instead of the project supported by Roger Ver, Bitcoin Cash now again points to Earlier, the description of @Bitcoin for a long time contained a link to...