Bitcoin miner found a forgotten multi-million fortune

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Bitcoin miner found fortune

An anonymous Bitcoin miner has discovered a wallet with coins that were mined back in 2010, follows from his message on the BitcoinTalk forum. The block reward was then 50 BTC.

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Opening the topic “Newbie returning after long hiatus", he wrote that he mined “a few bitcoins” when it was still possible with the help of the GPU. Miner asked for advice on how to move BTC and BCH for sale.

Users gave him some advice, and the next day 1000 BTC started moving (not moving from August-October 2010). This happened on the eve of the market collapse, and at that time the coins were worth almost $8 million. However, the newcomer did not answer the direct question of whether he is related to these transactions.

One of the forum participants noted that a certain amount of these bitcoins got on the Coinbase exchange.

Miner was also reminded that he can get BSV on his bitcoins. The fact that he did not mention the presence of BCH fork coins probably indicates that the newcomer has not been a participant in the cryptocurrency market for many years.

He thanked everyone for the suggestions. The miner said, that overall, it was a great comeback and the best welcome anyone can get.

The movement of a significant number of coins mined in the early years is an infrequent phenomenon. As of January, out of the 18.14 million BTC that existed at that time, almost 60% had never moved.

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Recall, the day after the mentioned 1000 BTC was moved, the cryptocurrency price collapsed to $6000. At this moment the first cryptocurrency costs around $5300.