@Bitcoin Twitter account again supports Bitcoin (BTC)

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Bitcoin twitter

The notorious Twitter account @Bitcoin, to the surprise of many members of the community, again “changed its orientation” and instead of the project supported by Roger Ver, Bitcoin Cash now again points to bitcoin.org.

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Earlier, the description of @Bitcoin for a long time contained a link to the Bitcoin.com website, which is also known as one of the main mouthpieces of Bitcoin Cash.

The reasons why an account with almost 970.000 subscribers unexpectedly refused to support Bitcoin Cash remain unknown, but this fact has already generated many conspiracy theories inside the community.

Bitcoin twitter

So, the user of Autonomous Bitcoin AI #2357 recalled that in the past, Roger Ver stated that he was personally familiar with the current owner of @Bitcoin, and therefore, most likely, he should be aware of the reasons for what happened. However, while on r btc, subreddit Bitcoin Cash proponents are at a loss, Ver doesn't comment on the situation.

The only thing the entrepreneur recently resigned as CEO of Bitcoin.com was “I don’t know”, which was answered in response to a question from one of the users about what can be done so that @Bitcoin will again start supporting Bitcoin Cash.

@BashCo_, meanwhile, suggested that perhaps, on the advice of Roger Ver and Craig Wright, the owner of @Bitcoin invested all his savings in BCH and, after suffering losses, decided to take revenge on them in this way.

The creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, agrees with this version, although he warns that he does not have such evidence. However, the @Bitcoin even retweeted the post he published today.

There is no shortage of theories at r/bitcoin, too. One user even suggested that the whole affair was between Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) and Elizabeth Stark, the head of Lightning Labs, at the insistence of which the social network also cleans accounts that support BCH.

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It was noted that in a short time, @Bitcoin unsubscribed from all Bitcoin Cash-related accounts, and also deleted all relevant tweets.

Twitter user @BTCsessions also made public that the owner of @Bitcoin sent messages to those who had previously blocked his account, requesting an “amnesty”.