BSV was the best performing coin of the recent bull run

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BSV was the best performing coin

Recent news about CME's Bitcoin options launch and its immediate success boosted crypto bull run even more, with BTC reaching $8,700. But this time the absolute leader was BSV, which has recorded a 100% gain in 24 hours and 200% since the start of the year. For a while, Bitcoin SV even surpassed Bitcoin Cash, reaching it's an all-time high of $350.

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Recall, Bitcoin Cash is the fork of Bitcoin that occurred in 2017 and Bitcoin SV was forked from Bitcoin Cash in late 2018, both are positioning themselves as "Original Bitcoin".

Bitcoin SV is much associated with Craig Wright, who has repeatedly claimed to be the mysterious creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Currently, he is locked in a long-running U.S. legal dispute with Ira Kleiman who is suing for half of a 1.1 million bitcoin hoard, worth almost $9 billion.

Craig Wright got a slight relief last week in the court when a magistrate stated that the facts were opposing those of the Florida hearing. Hence, he was given permission to unseal some of the bitcoins which first came into existence, also known as the Tulip trust.

He insisted that this trust is beyond his reach as quite a few of its keys are with the highly confidential third parties. He has been given a time limit till 3rd February to unseal it.

But the US magistrate Beth Bloom has shown uncertainty to this information and claims that the papers will somehow be revealed. From the perspective of Bitcoin SV investors, they are praying that when this whole drama unfolds, Craig Wright is considered the rightful originator of Bitcoin and gain access to one million bitcoins, hence putting Bitcoin SV on the driver’s seat!