Bitcoin Cash Reappears in the Crypto Top 10

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Bitcoin Cash ranks 9th

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is again in the top 10 cryptocurrencies. It ranks the 9th with over $26.8 B market cap. The price of the coin has seen more than a 79% increase over the previous 7 days, surpassing $1470.

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BCH's hard fork that occurs twice a year, is scheduled for May 15. It plans to remove the limit of the unconfirmed transaction chain. Thus, the network will enable more micro-transactions to be implemented without the need to wait for block validation. Now the limit is 50 transactions.

Another big change that the fork will present is the possibility of including various pieces of miscellaneous data such as text or images in one transaction.

There will also be the introduction of double-spend tests, which will result in nodes messaging certain wallets in the case of a double spending attempt. BCH's upgrades will increase its use cases so that the network will be seen as a platform for NFTs as well.

Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of BTC, which occurred in December 2017.