You Need To Join The Onlycam.Art Adult NFT Marketplace Launch

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You Need To Join The Onlycam.Art Adult NFT Marketplace Launch

Calling all NSFW content creators! is here to revolutionize the NFT market for models, with no fees on sales.

June 04th, 2022 - OnlyCam is launching a new and exciting way to create and consume adult content – is coming soon and will revolutionise the adult entertainment industry. The new adult entertainment platform puts the control back in the hands of adult content creators and is set to launch in June 2022. brings new and exciting features for content creators to use, such as the creation and selling of NFTs, and one-of-a-kind personalised content that has never been seen before, all powered by $ONLY token. will be launching at the beginning of June 2022 and is the first officially released OnlyCam platform. It is a decentralized multi-chain NFT marketplace where creators will be able to mint in 2 different chains, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Erotic content creators can create and sell unique NFTs. This could include phone recordings, videos, pictures, or any content the performer chooses, meaning a unique opportunity for creators to sell personalised NFT content to their fanbase while creating an exciting financial opportunity for themselves and the buyers who can benefit from potential price increases.

Performers and content creators can create collections of work, set Metadata on NFTs and connect with their fans in a new and exciting way, it will also be able to add unlockable perks that NFT buyers will gain access to once the purchase is completed. By creating rare and collectible NFTs, creators can build their business and fanbase while keeping the all-important personal fan relationships. Fans can collect NFTs from one creator or multiple creators, which allows an even distribution of work amongst all creators on the platform. Through creating NFT artwork, content creators have endless opportunities to sell all kinds of content, get more exposure and build a diverse fanbase. The uniqueness of NFT artwork creates an appeal to consumers that is unlike other erotic platforms. Creators have limitless freedom on to sell one-of-a-kind content not available on regular platforms.

What’s more exciting is that will feature Auction and Instant Buy on all content. Performers, NFT holders, and creators can choose to sell their content at a set price for fans to buy through Instant Buy or to set up a timed auction.

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The auction allows fans to bid on a creator’s NFT artwork during the period it is running and once an acceptable bid is placed the seller can choose to approve the sale. Auctions allow creators to make the most profits possible on their work while providing a unique opportunity for creators to sell rare NFTs to their fans. Additionally, when minting an NFT on the platform the creator can choose to add a royalty % fee that will be received automatically in the wallet on any future sales of their NFT.

Buyers can easily make purchases by using any web3 wallets such as Metamask or any wallet that integrates with Wallet Connect. Fans and consumers can buy any NFT they like on the platform simply by connecting their wallets. Content creators can sell their content in a straightforward way by completing an easy verification process. The verification process creates an agreement to abide by the record-keeping requirements set by the 18 U.S.C. § 2257 Statement for those wishing to produce sexually related content. is an inclusive, decentralized platform open to all erotic content creators. The uniqueness of OnlyCam is that all creators are welcome to sell adult content knowing that it will not be censored. Regardless of the niche or group that performers and creators are a part of, OnlyCam welcomes all. OnlyCam will not censor content based on personal views or opinions. If the content is legal and within the applicable laws, OnlyCam and all OnlyCam platforms will provide a safe and trustworthy platform for creators to work on.

Users of the platform will have a customisable side dashboard, allowing all creators and users to set a profile image, cover image, description, and more. will allow creators to connect with their fans safely while supporting the important relationship to engage fans and consumers with content. By putting the creator at the brand’s heart, OnlyCam promises to create a safe and trustworthy environment for adult content creators to work. Creators can also use Lazy Minting for their NFTs, allowing them to place any NFTs on the website while it is still stored on the minted blockchain when sold to a consumer. Once NFTs are minted, they are safely hosted on IPFS so buyers can be assured their adult NFT is secure. Payments and transactions will be processed through OnlyCam’s own $ONLY token with options for BUSD, BNB, and ETH depending on the chain of choice. This is a safe method for creators and consumers to make transactions across all OnlyCam platforms. A credit card processing gateway will also be integrated into the platform so users can buy BNB or ETH on the fly as well as swap those for the native token $ONLY.

For a limited time only, OnlyCam will be onboarding creators and helping them with turning their photos into art-piece for their collection creation and education on the subject of NFTs and crypto wallets. Additionally, there will be NO FEES for the first few months for the creators that join the platform early.

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OnlyCam_Ed, one of the project founders, commented on Telegram, “It is a deal creators should not miss on, it is unheard of a marketplace to charge no fees on the NFT sales and while also helping creators turn their favourite photos into a piece of digital art” while calling out all interested parties to join the platform.
OnlyCam welcomes all adult erotic content creators to join the OnlyCam movement by creating unique and engaging NFT artwork. will open a marketplace that has never been seen before to provide creators with a safe and trustworthy platform to work on. The ethos of OnlyCam is to create a space where erotic content creators can thrive, work with freedom, and create a long-lasting and sustainable brand. will be arriving at the beginning of June 2022 and welcomes all creators to join the revolution.