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Press Releases

Netbox.Global announces new update on Whitepaper and Roadmap


Driven by the desire to make everything as accessible to people as possible, the team behind the Netbox.Global brand has updated its data on the services and products offered. It has also expanded its product portfolio to cover what online browsers offer, discovering new utilities for blockchain...

MGT Solar

MGT Solar - new project joining blockchain with green energy


MGT Solar launches an innovative new project combining blockchain with a sustainable green energy solution. Token holders have the benefit of earning dividends by holding their...

BambooDeFilaunches IEO

BambooDeFi Launches an Initial Exchange Offering


Ethereum-deployed protocol BambooDeFi announced the launch of Bamboo Token IEO listed on CHAINX exchange. The project aims to promote DeFi technology and offers people an alternative to the traditional banking system. It allows opening an account without having to tell any personal information....

USDT in poker

USDT Is A Game Changer For Online Poker


CoinPoker - the flagman of the industry, the biggest and the oldest pure crypto poker room is the first to introduce USDT as the in-game currency, solving the ever prevailing volatility issues and creating grounds for accelerated growth. Alongside launches two promotions giving away 100,000 GTD in...

DeepTradeBot: The innovation of large companies

DeepTradeBot: The innovation of large companies


The world has evolved enormously in recent years, and the world of investment and speculation has been no stranger to this evolution. Currently more than 40% of the operations carried out in the main world stock exchanges are operated by automatic robots (according to the digital newspaper...


RipGale – 2020 Decentralized Exchange Project Highlight


The RipGale project, although quite similar to a decentralized exchange, has a number of notable differences. Decentralized projects addesses problems such as high transaction fees, slow transaction speed, low liquidity (unable to convert to fiat currencies), and lack of cross-border transacting...

Sendbit’s Wallet Makes Things Easier for Online Business


Since the crypto boom in 2017, several e-commerce platforms have started accepting cryptocurrencies. But many businesses are still afraid of using cryptos, as their prices fluctuate quite drastically. To curb the effects of volatility and give merchants the opportunity to use cryptos,


Digital Week Online - a Global event connecting innovation


COVID19 has brought us many challenges, lock downs, self-isolation, and a looming financial crisis. We have all had to adapt while maintaining some semblance of our previous routines. However, as countries start to emerge from lockdowns and restrictions are relaxed, opportunities are developing....

Paylup pays 5% interest cause people are lending


When it comes to opportunities for earning interest with no account fees, more and more individuals are turning to – an up-and-coming fintech business comprised of techsavvy entrepreneurs with vast experience in finance and banking. The company is located in Vanuatu, a small island in...


Crypto exchange Buybitcoins rolls out new marketplace


Created by a group of businessmen to offer a global financial market for peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange, Buybitcoins aims to make the buying and selling process more accessible for everyone. The step-by-step process is designed to help all users from absolute beginners to experienced old...


Kualilian brings blockchain tech within everyone's reach


Ten years have passed since the birth of cryptocurrencies and since the publication of the Bitcoin White Paper, blockchain technology has not stopped evolving. At the same time, the way of working to obtain better productivity has also undergone a drastic evolution. Things have changed a lot...

Polehin the first cryptowallet available on Apple Watch


There are a myriad of Bitcoin wallets on the market, so the competition is harsh. The quickly developing app, without a doubt, has all the chances to outperform its competitors. It's the first app in the world that made cryptotrading available on Apple Watch! This news made many Apple...


Wordlex Review On Project Of Staking With 2% Daily Profit


Hey Everyone! The List Of Has Been Replenished With The New Product Wordlex. The Projects Offers To Buy Its Own Token And Earn Profit With Staking. We Add The Project Among The First, When Writing This Feedback, The Fund Is In The Process Of Being Finalized – You Can Register Right Now, But Main...


Multisend – ERC20 Token Airdropper goes Live


Multisend is a tool which allows for the mass distribution of ERC-20 Tokens to multiple wallet addresses with a single transaction fee. The new tool, developed by the Digital Asset Group, allows a single user to effectively ‘airdrop’ tokens to thousands of addresses with 3 simple steps at the...

Silk Road

Silk Road Coin Presentation by LGR Group


The time is past when tossing a single coin was already an added value. There are currently hundreds of coins and thousands of tokens in the world of cryptocurrencies, and therefore when a company wants to succeed it must offer not just one coin or one token, but an entire value proposition for an...


WorldMarkets continues with the success of its trading AI


Today we live in the information age, and access to information is unlimited. And that produces the paradox of misinformation. That's why it's more important than ever to have someone to trust, with access to truthful information and advanced tools for any activity related to the investment. This...




Sophia Antipolis (France) and Singapore: The first web TV platform dedicated to sports clubs and athletes opened in October 2018 and has already won over 33,000 users and web TV channels for sports clubs in more than 50 countries, with over 1.5 million visits in the first month of the year alone....

Shopereum xShop

Shopereum empowering e-commerce with blockchain and AI


Cryptocurrencies have come along with us for longer than we believe, in fact, 11 years have gone by now since Bitcoin was created. During this time, the great challenge of those of us who are passionate this world has always been the same: adoption. And the path of adoption is slower than many of...

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