Highly anticipated Crypto Thots minting date officially announced

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Crypto Thots

Crypto Thots, the NFT marketplace that helps you become a P.I.M.P in the NFT Space, is minting on the 8th of June 2022.

13th of May (GLOBAL NEWSWIRE) – Crypto Thots, the NFT marketplace with Ethereum on OpenSea that helps you become a P.I.M.P in the NFT Space, is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated minting date. Starting from the 8th of June 2022, it’ll offer its holders access to account creation and edition, NFTs, timed auctions, royalties, messenger, personalized activity feed, and much more.

By being a part of their 30,000 and growing Discord users community, Crypto Thots NFTs holders can flex the Bored Ape Yacht Club and enjoy any airdrops that BAYC is making. Holders get guaranteed access to constant giveaways – such as the 13ETH giveaway in Decentraland – and have access to exclusive content created by their OnlyFans models. Therefore, users won’t have to worry about their needs being neglected at any step of the roadmap.

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“As Crypto Thots bridges the gap between NFTs and online content providers, we help you collect thots, build your harem, and become an NFT P.I.M.P. 3,333 thots have found their way to the blockchain. Will you sit idly by while someone else takes your territory? Or will you man up, grab your mink coat and suede loafers and start your journey as a blockchain P.I.M.P.?” – sajja.eth, Founder @ Crypto Thots

Crypto Thots set out to help its users achieve their passive income goals. To do so, until minting day, they are giving away daily prizes for 5 random active users in the Crypto Thots community after they fulfill the invitation and level requirements. One week after minting day, on the 15th of June, they’ll be introducing the first +60K Otherside land-related massive giveaway happening. Once you’re an established member of the community, 20% of revenue will go back to you as a holder. By introducing the PPI (PASSIVE P.I.M.P) concept, Crypto Thots promises to provide its holders with free money in no time.

“As a Crypto Thot holder, you’ll be able to stake your Thots and get your slice of that sweet passive income without lifting even one of your jewel-ringed fingers. There’s a P.I.M.P coin you’ll be able to use to advance on the P.I.M.P path, as well as the PPI (PASSIVE P.I.M.P) concept, that is meant to take it to a whole new level.” – sajja.eth, Founder @ Crypto Thots

About Crypto Thots

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Crypto Thots is the ultimate NFT marketplace flow with Ethereum on Opensea that bridges the gap between NFTs and online content providers. As it’s aiming to help you become a P.I.M.P in the NFT Space and get rewarded for it, it gives you access to 3,333 thots that have found their way to the blockchain and a community of 30,000 and growing Discord users. Rewards include the latest developments, the best information, and the ultimate thottery.

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