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Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov was interrogated in Dubai for two days


It was supposed that Pavel Durov is going to be interrogated in Dubai on January 7 and 8, and it actually happened. The transcript of the interrogation follows from the document in which Durov explains to the lawyers of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) how much money he spent on...

Malaysia ICO IEO

Malaysia has developed rules for IEO and ICO


The Malaysian Securities Commission (SC) has developed rules for organizers of Initial Coin Offers (ICOs) and Initial Exchange Offers (IEOs). Startups are allowed to distribute tokens through venture capitalists and financial institutions without selling shares and without using debt instruments....

Bitfinex moved over $1.1 billion worth BTC

Bitfinex moved $1.1 Billion worth BTC for an $83 fee


A crypto whale Bitfinex moved over $1.1 billion worth leading cryptocurrency on January 14 and paid only $83 fee for the transaction. This has become the network’s second-largest address. This move was initially spotted on social media, and users have immediately found out that the transaction...

Binance Japan exchange

Binance will begin expansion into the Japanese market


Binance has begun negotiations on a strategic partnership with Z Corporation Inc. - a division of Softbank holding with a 60% stake in Yahoo! Japan and TaoTao exchange. Z Corporation, a subsidiary of Yahoo Japan, and TaoTao begin negotiations with #Binance for strategic partnerships in the Japanese...

digital US dollar

Former CFTC CEO leads blockchain-based digital USD project


Ex-Chairman of the CFTC Christopher Giancarlo plans to promote the idea of digitizing the US dollar using blockchain technology by launching The Digital Dollar Project for this purpose. The organization’s statement said the launch of The Digital Dollar Project was a logical follow-up to an...

Gemini Winklevoss brothers

Gemini Exchange opens cryptocurrency asset insurance company


Gemini bitcoin exchange owned by the Winklevoss brothers created Nakamoto Ltd. for insurance of own custodial service for $200 million. Help for Nakamoto, Ltd. launch was provided by large insurance brokers Aon and Marsh. Gemini customers will be able to purchase additional insurance of their own...

Akon city

Akon got permission to build his crypto city in Senegal


Famous rapper and businessperson Akon made a post on Twitter that he agreed with the state of Senegal. According to their adjustment, Akon got permission for founding his crypto-oriented - Akon City. Just finalized the agreement for AKON CITY in Senegal. Looking forward to hosting you there in the...

Craig Wright

Craig Wright claims to prove Bitcoin holdings


Advocates of Craig Wright have notified the trial session that the accused was given the required private keys to open the encrypted records that contain data about Wright's BTC reserves. The plaintiff Ira Klaiman has also received the confirmation about Wright's access to BTC holdings. February 3...

BSV was the best performing coin

BSV was the best performing coin of the recent bull run


Recent news about CME's Bitcoin options launch and its immediate success boosted crypto bull run even more, with BTC reaching $8,700. But this time the absolute leader was BSV, which has recorded a 100% gain in 24 hours and 200% since the start of the year. For a while, Bitcoin SV even surpassed...

Miners accused of flooding an apartment building in Russia

Miners accused of flooding an apartment building in Russia


In parallel, several apartments of the house in Krasnoyarsk were flooded with water. The affected residents are sure that all because of the mining farm located in one of the apartments. This was reported by Channel 7. As one of the tenants, whose apartment was flooded, assures, the incident...

President of Venezuela

Venezuela’s President Maduro promised to revive Petro Coin


During his speech on the Constituent Assembly on January 14, Nicholas Maduro vowed to renew the country's flunked crypto coin for everything from federal payments to oil purchases. He mentioned that state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela SA is going to begin negotiations of 5000 barrels in Petros...

Huobi partnered with fäm Properties

Huobi started a partnership with a real estate company


fäm Properties is an oriented-on-technologies real estate company, which has decided to open itself for cryptos. A famous blockchain-based platform Huobi started a partnership with fäm Properties, and now they give a possibility of making crypto payments to investors. Investors are now going to...

CME Bitcoin trading

Trading volume in Bitcoin options on CME exceeded $2 million


On Monday, January 13, the volume of trading in Bitcoin options on the CME exceeded $2 million. Bakkt failed to achieve such successes in more than a month. The volume at the CME was 55 contracts or 275 BTC. All contracts were call options. Looks like 55 contracts went through on CME's BTC...

Bitcoin ransomware Mark Cheng

Eco-activist paid ransomware 1.4 million baht in bitcoins


Avelife's cofounder of social and environmental projects in Singapore, Mark Cheng, has been abducted by a business partner in Thailand. The extortionist demanded a ransom of 1.4 million Thai baht (about $46 thousand), writes The New Paper. On January 9, Cheng, along with his colleague Lee Wei Kim,...

hodling bitcoin

“HODLing” trend: 10M BTCs haven’t moved in more than a year


“HODLing” has become trendy again. The cumulative number of Bitcoins that haven't moved in more than a year has reached the mark of 10M. An organization that creates crypto data supports Digital Assets Data reported that approximately 10.7 million BTCs haven't swapped hands in over 12 months....

Bitcoin Elon Musk tweet

Elon Musk wrote about Bitcoin again without fear of blocking


The head of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, once again shook the crypto community with a tweet about the first cryptocurrency. "Bitcoin is not my safe word", the entrepreneur briefly wrote. Bitcoin is *not* my safe word— Buff Mage (@elonmusk) January 10,...

British rapper Zuby

Rapper Zuby accept BTC payments for his goods and services


British rapper Zuby published that he can now receive Bitcoin payments for his services and goods. He mentioned that he is not going to convert the cryptocurrency into fiat instantly and will prefer hodling it. Zuby is operating with Coinbase Commerce to make crypto payments available for its...

A crypto lending startup company BlockFi

Crypto lending startup BlockFi now supports LTC and USDC


A crypto loaning company BlockFi added Litecoin and USD Coin to its supported assets. It'll allow the users to buy, sell, and get credits backed by the currencies. Zac Prince, the CEO of this startup said, that during this year, their organization aims to add 5-10 new assets, including LTC and...

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